On a recent excursion to the world above,
for Peter's Surprise Party,
Jacob was at a loss
as to what cocktail he should request

he granted Catherine the liberty to order for him,
and...he was quite surprised
to find out the name of the drink
she had ordered was...

"Sex on the Beach"
1 oz. Vodka
¾ oz. Chambord
¾ oz. Peach Schnapps
Splashes of following juices:
Shake with ice
Serve in a Collins or decorative glass

As Jacob returned to the tunnels feeling quite giddy,
Mary sternly asked him,
"Father what is wrong with you?
I have never seen you act this way before!"

Jacob raised a brow,
and fanned his hands to the side as he said,
"Ah Mary, don't scold a man
who just had "Sex on the Beach!"

He continued down the tunnels
toward his chamber and started to laugh,
leaving Mary aghast saying,
"But there are no beaches near here!
Oh Really that man
is getting delusional I am afraid."

And all though Mary was concerned
about Father's mental state,
what he said did cause Mary to reminisce,
and become melancholy as she recollected a time
when she herself had sex on the beach...
on a lovely beach in Hackensack!
Mary then sighed,  and said..."Ah Ole Blue Eyes...
I sure miss ya!"

Well Thank you Jacob
for sharing your favorite drink recipe with us!
Now we can all indulge and have
Sex on the Beach!

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