It had been a very long recovery for Catherine. And since the day of her
attack, she had to deal with many issues. And because she was such a
trusting soul, Catherine's main issue, was finding a way to accept the
cruel assault she had endured, does indeed happen in human society, and
unfortunately this happened to her.

Catherine also, needed to find an affable response to how people treated
her now since that fateful day. She knew her close friends and family
were well
meaning, but Catherine hated she was looked upon as fragile now, and
was treated as such too, fragile and very carefully.

How she wished someone would argue with her...or get mad at her! But
Catherine's loved ones had set new parameters for her now, parameters
they had not extended to her before.

Yes, and it is true that Catherine realized it wasn't just the people around
her who had changed...she knew she had changed as well...and changed
in ways she would never, ever be able to share with them or tell them

And so, Catherine kept up a brave front, as she picked up the pieces,
sparing the loved ones around her, the sordid details of her ordeal.

For you see, before the attack, Catherine's life was an easy, opulent one.
She was a beautiful, stylish single girl, living in New York City. The
daughter of Charles Chandler, a rich, successful corporate lawyer, and
following in her Dad's footsteps; she went into corporate law too.

And so after passing the bar, she practiced at the law firm with her Dad,
but not quite with the same dedicated gusto he did. Deep down Catherine
knew, she became a lawyer, only to carry on the family tradition,
knowing it would please her Dad.

And pleasing her Dad was all important to her, because since the tragic
day Catherine's mother had died, they were all each other had.

Sadly, when her Mom died, it was such a heart-wrenching time for them.
Catherine had lost her doting Mom, whom she cherished and loved, and
Charles...lost the woman he loved and adored.

And during the aftermath of this tragedy, Charles knew he could never
come close, to his wife's parenting skills. Yes, his wife had a natural
gentle insight on raising a child. And though Charles was a kind man,
being a parent did not come natural to his career driven nature. However,
despite Charles' heartache, out of love and necessity, he rose to the
occasion, and single handedly, took over the parenting reins, to raise
little Cathy, whom he loved so very much.

Eventually, the sad times, turned into bittersweet memories for both
Charles and Catherine...and served to be a lesson in life...teaching them
to deal with whatever fate had in store for them. And as a result of this
common bond, Charles and Catherine became closer than most fathers
and daughters.

And because they worked side by side, Charles naturally assumed
Catherine would someday take over his partnership. And, actually,
Catherine always thought she would too...not because she loved what she
did, but because she never considered doing anything else.

But the truth was, even before the attack, it seemed Catherine was
changing, and she tried to suppress her feelings of being bored with her
profession, and other aspects of her life style. And though Catherine
couldn't put it into words then, but somehow everything was beginning to
seem shallow to her. Even her relationship with her boyfriend Tom was
waning. He was becoming so materialistic and career
different from her sweet nature. Catherine even began to wonder if she
was merely a steppingstone for Tom, as he pursued a successful career of
his own.

But now, since her recovery, Catherine's feelings about how her life was
going, could no longer be ignored. Her heart had shifted, and Catherine
felt as though she was missing something, and was not fulfilling what she
was meant to do in this life. And though leaving the firm was difficult,
she followed her heart, and followed a new path which lead her to the
D.A., where her talents as a lawyer, could help people in need.

And besides her career change, there was one other issue which needed
to be dealt with, and Tom was that issue.

Yes, the last straw had been broken, on that fateful night of her assault.
You see, Tom had gotten angry at Catherine, because instead of mingling
with the elite at the cocktail party, she chose to lend a kind ear to a needy
old friend.

Needless to say, because Catherine had been witness to just how
heartless Tom could be, with absolute certainty, in her heart, their
relationship was over.

So, after Catherine's face had been restored to her original beauty, Tom
assumed to pick up, where they had left off. But because Catherine had
emotionally moved on long ago, now she was happy to tell him so too,
and broke off all ties with him.

And so as she contemplated all these changes in her life, Catherine
conceptualized that nothing was as it used to be. What was once
important to her, no longer is, and the little things she used to take for
granted, she now cherished. What used to be black, is now white and
white now black, and she privately bemused, that her life now, is like a
negative exposure of what it used to be.

In fact nothing was the same anymore, nor would it ever be again,
because Catherine's life had been forever changed, since the day her
destiny crossed with Vincent's.

And as fate planned, it was on the night of Catherine's assault, that
Vincent found her injured in the park. He had rescued this broken beauty,
and took her to the tunnels to mend.

And being bandaged and sightless in this mystic echoing place, all the
while, being tended to by this gothic sounding man, well, at first, it was a
bit frightening. But as time went by, Catherine came to feel guarded there
with him. And quite unexpectedly, Catherine felt safe in this captivating
underground world.

But the day had come when it was time to return, and step back into her
old life. And ever since her homecoming, the tunnels were now an
enchanting memory for her, and Vincent was ever present on her mind.

Even after the plastic surgery Catherine endured to repair her facial
scars...her immediate thoughts were not on the success of the surgery, but
rather, when or if, she would see Vincent again. Whereas "The old
Cathy" would have been consumed with her looks, and of how people
saw her, but this was no longer so...

It was true; Catherine was beautiful again, in spite of one stubborn scar,
which had not healed properly. And even though she could have surgery
to fix it, she opted not to. Catherine felt it was an important reminder of
the most crucial time in her life. A time which served her to grow strong
in spirit, and also when she had met Vincent.

And so, after healing, beginning a new career, and taking some
self-empowerment courses, Catherine felt strong enough to fully face life
now and ready to see Vincent again.

And because she did not know at the time if Vincent ever came above
into her world, Catherine thought she would have to go see him in his.

Yes...Catherine would go to Vincent, because she had some things to say,
and share, not to mention wanting to properly thank him for all he had
done for her.

Although, Catherine DID try to convey her gratitude as they were saying
goodbye at the threshold of her apartment building. And it was when she
carefully, stepped up, to give Vincent a sweet sort of hug, and as she did
so, Vincent brought his hand up so tenderly, to reciprocate in kind...and
the power of this simple gesture had touched Catherine so much, that
perhaps this was when she gained the courage, to be able to make all the
changes that her heart would soon be calling for.

And even though their embrace may have lasted for only the briefest of
moments, for Catherine, it was a sweet memory that would last her
lifetime, because while she stood within Vincent's embrace, she
remembered feeling a familiar sensation and it felt like being at home.

And as Catherine thought about this moment, she was certain Vincent felt
a connection too. But because their parting was cut short by some
top-sider chatter, causing Vincent to stealthily vanish from her side; they
never had the chance to say all they would have liked to have said.

And so now, after some additional soul searching, Catherine admitted to
her-self, that it was not only to thank Vincent for all he had done for her,
but also because she missed and wanted to see him again.

Catherine longed to hear his gentle voice once more, the voice which
calmed her while she laid injured, with her eyes and face bandaged.
Vincent had filled the endless healing hours, by reading lovely stories
and poetry to her...providing the only comfort she knew during that time.

And unfortunately, much to Catherine's dread, there was one other reason
why she needed to see Vincent...a reason which weighed heavily on her
heart. And the reason was to make sure Vincent really did understand,
that her reaction to seeing him the first time...was merely because she
was startled by his unexpected arrival, not because of what he looked
like. Even though...admittedly, Vincent was like no one she had ever met

But instead of being frightening to her, Catherine thought of how
beautifully captivating he was. And the tenderness she saw in his eyes
drew her in, and she couldn't bear to let another day pass without seeing
him again.

Catherine also knew it wasn't only Vincent she wanted to thank, but she
wanted to thank Jacob too.

And it was because Catherine noticed how scarce Jacob was after his
initial medical care, she couldn't help but feel, that Jacob didn't like her
being there.

And because of this foreboding feeling, Catherine wanted to reach out to
him, so Jacob would know he could trust her, and had nothing to fear
from her.

And so today, as Catherine made her way down the rungs of the ladder at
the basement's threshold, her thoughts traveled to how frightened she
remembered being, as she climbed up those same rungs back into her
world, returning to pick up what was left of her shattered life.

So, many months have passed since then, and now she was re-entering
the hidden world below the city. And as Catherine stepped down onto the
tunnel floor, and walked to the broken bricked archway, she realized, she
wasn't sure how to get back to the tunnel main.

Originally, when she was guided by Vincent, she was in such awe of this
world below, that she did not really pay attention to any landmarks. And
so, with her best guess, Catherine ventured out into the tunnels.

And after a bit of a trek, she rounded a familiar looking  corner, and off
in the distance, she saw Vincent!

Yes she saw Vincent all right, but the problem was he was not alone! He
was embracing someone, and Catherine recognized her to be Rebecca!

And so because Vincent and Rebecca were in, what appeared to be, a
loving embrace, Catherine assumed, they must be a couple!

Upon feeling stunned by this revelation, Catherine suddenly felt like an
intruder coming back after so much time had passed. And wondered,
what was she doing?

And so Catherine turned and ran...blinded by her tears, she climbed back
up the rungs, feeling so thankful, Vincent did not see her.

Catherine then asked herself, why was she this upset? Why couldn't she
have just approached Vincent, even though he was with Rebecca? Yes,
Catherine had admitted a few things to herself already...she does miss
him, and also has an immense appreciation for all he had done for her,
but still wondered why she was affected so.

All she knew, was she wanted to go home! Even though home meant
something different to her now...yes, even despite the fact she had a
lovely place, it only felt cold, and very empty to her now.

And so as the elevator doors opened, Catherine entered her apartment,
where she began to understand, the source of her anguish was because of
the fact, Vincent had someone else in his life.

And so now too, it was all quite obvious why Vincent had not checked on
her since her return above, and it was because
he and Rebecca were together.

And so wrongly, Catherine conjured up these assumptions, when in all
actuality...the truth was, firstly, Vincent and Rebeca were NOT a couple,
and secondly, Vincent DID secretly check on her!

Yes, Vincent would bravely climb up to her high-rise balcony, nearly
nightly to check on Catherine.

Vincent would go, whenever he felt her "state-of-mind" was in disarray,
or a fearfulness emanating from her. And so, with care, he did check,
only to find Catherine safe at home in her apartment, restlessly sleeping,
dreaming another one of her dreadful nightmares.

And during those times, when Catherine would awaken, shaken from her
dreams, Vincent wanted to make himself known, so he could hold her,
and push back the ugly hurtful images. But he knew in his heart, he would
be interfering with her inner struggle to become stronger and more

And because Vincent actually felt what Catherine was going through,
well, this made standing by even more difficult, because he didn't just
commiserate with her...he knew her turmoil was immense. And
unfortunately for Vincent, his pain was two-fold, as Catherine's feelings
were mingling, and coupled with his own heart ache.

At first...all these amplified feelings confounded Vincent, until he put it
all together, realizing he actually felt all Catherine was feeling...and
although the revelation of being this connected with someone, was quite
perplexing, Vincent ultimately understood, that because of this bond
which formed between Catherine and himself, they were a part of each
other now. And since the day she left to go back home all those months
ago, he missed having Catherine in his much.

And although Vincent missed and longed to talk to Catherine again, he
resisted the temptation, wondering if he had any right to.

What would Catherine say to him if he did call on her? Or even more
significantly still, tell her how he felt about her?

After all, what kind of life could they possibly share? The only thing he
had to offer and give her, was what was in his heart.

Vincent then thought that perhaps Father was right. Maybe it would be
best to forget her.

But Vincent couldn't forget the sweet connection he felt between them.
And like Catherine, he too remembered the embrace they shared when
they said goodbye. The memory of their parting still burned deep in his
heart, and ever since that day, his arms felt so empty.

As time passed, their parting embrace seemed like a dream to him now.
A dream Vincent didn't want to fade away into some vague sensation,
where he could no longer conjure up, or touch again.

And as the days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, Vincent came
to believe there never would be anything more between them...and this
memory was all he could ever have of Catherine...and he believed this
was true, that is, until that day.

Because as it turned out, Vincent did see Catherine in the tunnels earlier!
But why did she run away without speaking to him? And why was she

If only Vincent could have acknowledged Catherine! But he was
consoling Rebecca, who had just gotten word from a helper, that her
Grandmother had died, and Rebecca was in a grieving state of sorrow.

Rebecca's grief was both heart-wrenching and complicated. She felt so
guilty she was not at her Grandmother's side at the time of her death. But
the fact was, her Grandmother lived in California, and there was no way
Rebecca could have gotten there in time.

And now, Rebecca was faced with the dilemma of trying to find a way to
attend her Grandmother's funeral.

And because Rebecca was desperate to come up with a resolution,
Vincent took her to see Jacob.

And so after Jacob consoled Rebecca on the loss of her Grandmother, he
then told her the Tunnels did have some resources and all was not as
hopeless as it seemed. So plans would be made, via a Helper, for
Rebecca to fly out in time for her Grandmother's funeral.

So with Rebecca's issue resolved...Vincent stayed behind to tactfully
inform Jacob, "I am going above Father... "

To which Jacob, in a hard tone, asked, "Above? For what reason?"

With an enigmatic demeanor, Vincent replied, "Please trust me
Father...just know that I must."

And though he did trust Vincent, he was also worried about his son, and
so Jacob challenged, "Vincent, it is not a matter of trust, it is because of
the unpredictable calamities which can occur when you are up there! And
I do know, you have been frequenting the city quite often lately too...and I
believe I know is because of THIS it not?"

To which Vincent in reply, humbly admitted he was right, it has been
because of her, and then explained the urgency to go again that evening,
by saying, "You see, Catherine was here today and..."

Stunned to hear this, Jacob asked, "Here? She came back here? Why?
Was she followed?"

In an effort to assure his Father, Vincent replied, "No she was not
followed...Catherine understands our world must be kept secret, and as
far as why she came, I don't know! What I am trying to explain is,
Catherine came when I was lending comfort to Rebecca. And I could not
pull myself away to speak to her, even though, I could see Catherine
herself was Father, I must go and ask her why she was here."

After listening to Vincent's excuse, Jacob waved his hand in a poohing
sort of manner, as he wryly replied, "All this comforting, consoling and
counseling! Well I must say between Rebecca and Catherine...I do
believe it is time for you to hang a shingle!"

But because Vincent needed Jacob's support, more than he needed his
sarcasm, he stressed, "Father, please try to understand."

To which in reply, Jacob ominously said, "I DO understand! I understand
this whole situation surrounding THIS Catherine, is bound to be nothing
but heartache for you. Heed my words Vincent, it is best to LET HER GO
before its too late!"

Tortuously, Vincent in reply, said, "I can't...not yet...I am feeling so much
anguish from her...I MUST go and see her."

As Jacob shook his head out of frustration, he shouted, "Do what you will
Vincent, however know nothing good can come from this alliance.
NOTHING! And you best watch yourself, and not get any more attached
to her, so you don't end up with heartache over this whole matter,
because of doing something foolish like falling in love, or some such

Humbly, Vincent put his hand on his Father's shoulder, expressing his
appreciation for his caring. And even though he did not have his Father's
approval, he would be going anyway, because it WAS too late! Vincent
realized he was already attached to Catherine, he had already fallen in
love with this sweet woman, and his heart...his heart already ached for

So tonight, there was no stopping him from going, and after Vincent left
his father, he prepared himself to go above, and before he left his
chamber, he picked up the book, Great Expectations to take with him for

Meanwhile, Catherine shook the heartache from her mettle, and gathered
her self up to make a cup of tea. Yes, even Catherine's daily coffee ritual
had changed since her time in the tunnels. And so, a cup of tea instead of
coffee, now provides her warmth and comfort.

And so as Catherine stirred her tea, she thought of how earlier, she was
looking forward to seeing Vincent again, and how her joyful anticipation
had flipped, and it broke her heart to find out he had someone else in his

And feeling this heartbroken way, caused a guilt trip of sorts, as
Catherine knew, she should rejoice in knowing Vincent has someone to
share his life with.

But this information she had gathered today, instead, made her sad and
empty. Catherine had hoped, that maybe this time, she would get to know
Vincent under lighter circumstances, and he her.

However, what Catherine already knew about Vincent, was enough to
know what kind of person he was. She knew Vincent to be a brilliant
man, as his knowledge was quite expansively diverse in all areas,
especially in areas she adored, such as in the arts, literature and music.

And aside from his brilliance, Catherine also sensed his tender side, as
he cared and read to her.

And thinking about it now, it surprises Catherine that while Vincent read
to her, when her eyes were bandaged, that she never wondered what he
looked like!

But at the time, putting a face to his voice was not important! And in fact,
the reason it never occurred to her to do so, was because it was the heart
of this man, she had connected to, admired and fallen in love
with...What? FALLEN IN LOVE?

And it was then, Catherine suddenly thought, "Oh my!" In the midst of
doing all this rationalizing, she let her guard down, and actually admitted
how deep her feelings were for Vincent...and she hadn't realized it...until
just now!

And so she berated herself, "How did this happen? How do I manage to
fall in love with someone, without my usual caution?"

In the past, Catherine had always been so careful, so picky! But in
meeting Vincent, she had been caught off guard, and unintentionally, gave
her heart.

It's obvious of course, that Catherine was aware of their differences...but
somehow, this factor was secondary. It didn't matter they were different,
because his tenderness, compassion and brilliance made him stand out
from any other man she had ever known.

In fact, perhaps Vincent being different was exactly why falling in love
with him unwittingly occurred.

And as Catherine began to ponder her future, without the hope of seeing
Vincent again, she felt broken hearted, and wondered where she would
go from here.

So tearfully she sat, never feeling more alone, because Catherine had
absolutely no one to confide in, no confidant to tell her tale of woe to.

After all, who could she talk to? Catherine had promised Vincent that she
would never betray his trust, and she never would.

And so, upon deciding she needed some fresh air to clear her head,
Catherine stepped outside. And after she lit a few candles to illuminate
her balcony, she saw a book next to her threshold, and as she picked it
up, she knew it was from Vincent!

And so she inexplicably turned to the darkened corner, and with question,
asked, "Vincent?"

And so as Vincent stepped out from the shadows, and they came face to
face, Instinctively, Catherine hugged him, as she said, "Vincent..."

Savoring the moment of being greeted so sweetly, Vincent found himself
humbled in Catherine's presence, as he said, "I hope I didn't frighten

And because Catherine was overcome with emotion, she simply shook
her head no, and found, although she had so much to say, she was

It was then Vincent with awe, looked down upon her, and breathlessly
said, "Your face, you are beauti..."

But Vincent was unable to continue, as his voice left him, feeling stunned
and silenced by Catherine's restored beauty.

To which Catherine humbly replied, "My scars have healed..."

And so, on this star filled night, the flickering candlelight sent shadows
dancing all around them, creating an enchanting moment for them to
behold, as they were reunited once more.

And then with care, Vincent asked, "Are you well?"

And because Catherine was still assuming she came and went undetected
to the tunnels earlier, she softly replied, "Yes Vincent. I am, and getting
stronger every day."

In reply, Vincent unintentionally nodded, because he already knew this,
and then he moved on to carefully ask, "Why didn't you stay today?"

To which Catherine, with embarrassment, hesitantly asked, "You saw

With concern, Vincent replied, "Yes...

And so self-consciously, Catherine said, "Well, I guess there is no
denying it then..."

And because he could tell this was embarrassing to Catherine, Vincent
considerately asked, "Please tell me, why didn't you stay?"

Resignedly, Catherine then released a sigh, as she replied, "Well, when I
saw you with Rebecca during a private moment, I realized I was
intruding, and so I left. But, at the time of course, I didn't think you had
seen me..."

With a subtle nod, Vincent said, "I saw you Catherine..."

And because she was unmasked by this revelation, Catherine then tried to
inject some humor, as she added, "All I can say then is that evidently, I
am not as stealthy as I thought I was..."

Vincent with a smile in his eyes, acknowledged Catherine's joking, and
then thoughtfully asked, "What if you had stayed..."

With regret, Catherine replied, "Yes, well had I stayed, there is
something on my mind, that I wanted to talk to you about,  although, I
really hate bringing this subject up again..."

To which Vincent with an understanding tone, said, "Please."

As Catherine gathered her thoughts, she began, "Well...I have been
worried that I DID hurt your feelings with my reaction when I first saw
you. And I wanted to make sure you really did understand it was because
of the combination of events...I mean, I had just literally seen my face for
the first time, with all these black threaded stitched up wounds..."

To which Vincent informatively said, "Yes, unfortunately black thread
was all Father had on hand at the time..."

And because the color thread was not actually the issue, Catherine
continued, "...I only mean, seeing how badly injured I had been was what
was alarming, not the color of the thread...but now I am off point, what I
wanted to say was when you came up behind me, I was startled, not by
your appearance but rather, more so by your arrival."

But because Vincent thought they had moved passed this awkward
moment, he replied, "I felt you understood my feelings were not hurt by
your reaction Catherine, however..."

And then with a bit of humor himself, Vincent rubbed his noggin, and
teased, "...unless you are referring to the dish you threw at me...well then,
that would be another matter..."

And because Catherine had felt so badly about the "dish throwing"
incident too, she embarrassingly replied, "Yes...about that...I really AM
sorry I reacted that way..."

It was then Vincent moved on, as he noted, "So because we spoke
through all this; I thought perhaps you had another reason..."

Realizing Vincent could tell she was only telling half of the story,
Catherine hesitantly revealed, "Well...I sincerely did want to talk to you
about that in particular, but you are right, there are other things I wanted
to share with you too...and well, I wanted to thank you, properly I mean,
for all you had done for me. And..."

It was then Catherine felt open, and ready to tell more, and so she
continued, "...and, well I wanted to tell you since I have been back home,
I have changed. Everything has changed, and life is so different for me
now. I no longer work with my Dad, but am working at the D.A. where I
can truly help people who are in need. And...I wanted to tell you, that I
find myself missing the tunnels, I miss the sound of the tunnels, and I miss
the sound of the city from below in the tunnels. I miss the constant
clanging of the pipes, I miss the refuge of your chamber, and the smell of
the burning candles. I miss all the books, and I miss you reading to me, I
miss all the talks and moments we shared, and I miss the sound of your
voice, but mostly Vincent...I have realized...I missed you."

Feeling bolstered to hear Catherine missed him, but not yet understanding
the depths of her affections, Vincent found the courage to press further, by
mentioning, he also could see and sense she was upset, when she left
earlier that day.

Knowing she had to own this too, Catherine shamefully confessed, "Yes,
I was upset..."

And so because he wanted to know what was wrong, Vincent requested,
"Please, tell me why."

Pitifully, Catherine looked back at him, wishing he had not asked this of
her. However, because of the wanton searching in Vincent's eyes, well
this was all it took, to open up once more.

And so Catherine shared, "I suppose I was upset at the time, thinking I
was intruding, and wrong to come back uninvited, and felt so very silly
thinking, we could pick up where we left see...I thought there
was...well, when we last parted I felt there was something between you
and I...and hoped that you felt it, and maybe missed me too...but
obviously...I was wrong, as you have Rebecca in your life...and now,
well now, I think maybe, I have said too much."

And even though Catherine tried to hold back her emotions, her quivering
chin gave her away. And because Catherine's vulnerability broke
Vincent's heart, he knew he needed to explain away her misconception,
clarifying, "Rebecca is a dear, dear friend....she is like a sister to me.
You see, Rebecca had just received word, her Grandmother had died.
And so when you saw us today, it was when I was comforting her."

Sympathetically, he then noted, "And because of the state
Rebecca was in; I could not call out to you, though I wanted to, so badly."

Upon better understanding the relationship between Vincent and Rebecca
now, as well as the situation earlier, Catherine with hope, replied, "I

And so Vincent continued to reveal, "Catherine, I have felt a connection
with you since the day I found you injured in the park, or perhaps, it was
because of this connection that had enabled me to find you there...but
whichever came first is unclear, however, I do know, since you left the
tunnels, I have become aware of this bond between us, there is a tie
which binds us..."

Carefully, Vincent then continued, "I know this to be true, because I feel
what you feel. I sense your pain, your joy, your strength and your fear.
Since we met, you are a part of me. And now, to hear you reveal some of
the same feelings, I too am feeling...I know I am a part of you..."

Upon hearing Vincent say he felt the same way, Catherine tearfully
clarified, "So it was not only one-sided, or just my felt
something too?"

With a subtle nod, Vincent softly replied, "Yes, and since you left, it's as
though I am missing a part of myself now..."

To which Catherine with a thoughtful tone shared, "I haven't been able to
define my feelings before, but the way you put it, is exactly right...I feel
like I am missing a part of myself too."

And then Catherine tearfully said, "But you are here now, and maybe we
don't need to feel that way anymore..."

In reply, Vincent tragically said, " must know, as do I, this
can only be a dream...a dream which only our hearts can we
could never share our lives..."

Grievously, Vincent then bent his head, hoping to hide his emotion as he
spoke the words that tormented his heart, and fragmented his soul, saying,
"Our story can really only have an ending..."

Tenderly, Catherine lifted his chin so he would look at her, and as she
brushed the hair from his eyes, she asked, "Why Vincent? Why must there
only be an ending for us?"

To which Vincent answered, "Because Catherine...I have nothing to offer

With emotion, Catherine replied, "How can you say you have nothing to
offer, when you have already given me everything. You offered your time
and kindness to me when I most needed someone. What you have given
me, is the most precious gift you can give another person, and it is
priceless. So since you value kindness same as I do, I don't understand
why you say we can only have an ending, when there is so much life yet
to share."

Although Vincent would love to live in this dream world of Catherine's,
he knew that he needed to shed some realistic light, by saying, "It's
because of who I am! I do not dare to  hope, or expect anything more
between us."

Catherine was now sorrowful too, but this time, it was for the pain in
Vincent's heart...knowing she could never imagine what life must be like
for him.

And then Vincent's voice quaked, as he admitted, "When I told you, I
never regretted what I was before I met you, well, what I said was
true...but Catherine...there had been times I wondered..."

With compassion, Catherine asked, "Tell me..."

Vincent thoughtfully paced as he shared, "There was a day, when I
became aware, and saw myself as different, and that was when I began to
wonder about a different kind of life."

Vincent then stopped to look at Catherine, and enforced, "Please know
Catherine...I am not telling you this so you will pity me. I live a good life,
a life filled with family and friends, all of us helping each other...and it
has been enough for me. And though I wondered and dreamt, I never
expected there could be more happiness to be found for myself...until

With hope, Catherine looked back at Vincent, and tenderly she asked,
"You mean until now...because of me?"

As Vincent stepped forward, he admitted, "Yes Catherine, because of

But though it pained him, Vincent added, "However, we both know, the
here and now, is where things must end, before parting becomes any
more unbearable for me. Father believes it is best this way."

Suddenly Catherine's tears subsided as Vincent's words stunned her,
realizing she had been right about what she sensed from Jacob! And so
she then asked, "Your Father talked to you about me...about us?"

Explaining that he did, Vincent then added, "Because Father understands
how I feel about you, he fears what could possibly transpire..."

Vincent's voice then broke away before he said something that might
frighten Catherine.

But his ominous comment was enough to cause Catherine to question,
"Possibly transpire?"

Sadly, Vincent nodded, as he realized there was no turning back, and had
to explain his dark side to Catherine. So slowly, he began to lay it all out
before her, and began by saying, "It is only fair you know everything
about me. Catherine...there are times when I am alone, that it is
unbearable for me. It is difficult to live with the unpredictable darker
side of myself. You see in the past, there had been times, when I lost
myself, and I would exhibit a rage, from an unknown origin within my
nature...and when this has occurred in the past, it was frightening for
those around me. And because of this, I could not bear the thought of ever
revealing this side to you. I would never want to do anything to frighten
or harm you, and would hate for your fear of me, to be our demise..."

After listening to Vincent, Catherine kindly reconciled, "There is not one
of us on this earth without a darker side, and Vincent...I DO know
everything about you, I know your heart...because your eyes have
revealed your soul to me, and I know you would never harm me."

Upon hearing Catherine, Vincent felt frustrated he could not make her
understand there really was a part of him to fear!
And Vincent knew there was, because of Jacob's well-meaning intention,
of reminding him so! Jacob would always hold up the incident with Lisa,
which happened during his adolescence. And Vincent could still hear his
Father's warnings ringing in his ears, saying, "Vincent, you must not let
your feelings out of control...remember what happened to Lisa? You must
never lose control!"

How those words have stayed, and haunted Vincent, and now somehow
he must reveal this ugly part of his life to Catherine too. So with a voice
full of turmoil, he said, "Catherine there is more to tell you."

With a pace to his step, he began, "Once when I was a boy, I cared very
much for this girl named Lisa, who also lived in the tunnels. She was so
beautiful, and I wanted to dance with her. However, a simple thing such
as dancing is not simple for someone like me."

Painfully, he continued, "Lisa came up to me, and when I tried to hold
her, she suddenly and unexpectedly pulled away, and I hurt her...and
now, when I look at these hands, I am so ashamed. At times, I try to
imagine what others must think when they look at them."

Gently, Catherine took his hands in hers, and sweetly looked up at
Vincent, and told him "Vincent, these hands picked me up when I laid
injured, they patiently held a spoon so I could eat; they tirelessly turned
pages of novels for me, but my most beautiful memory is when you
brought your hand up so tenderly, to return my embrace. I knew then,
although we were parting from one another, it wouldn't really be

As Vincent took in all that Catherine had to say, he in soft reply said,
"You make me believe there is only good left in my heart..."

To which Catherine said, "You should believe it Vincent...I know it to be

And so Vincent replied, "Because of this new found truth, a
different kind of life is possible..."

As Catherine gifted him with the warmest of smiles, she said, "Anything
is possible; life is ever changing for all of us. Living allows us a chance
to learn...and life, offers us time to forgive ourselves for mistakes we
have made..."

As Vincent stood accepting all the things Catherine said to him, he then in
agreement, said, "Yes..."

To which Catherine smiled, and offered, "We can get to know one
another, this time, under different circumstances..."

And then Catherine added, "...after all, I have another side only
knew me when I was injured, and weak. I want you to know the stronger
side of my nature too..."

To which Vincent with admiration said, "Weak? I never viewed you as
weak exuded such strength the way you fought back to get

With admiration, Catherine replied, "It was because of you. You helped
me find the strength I needed to face the world again. Strength I didn't
know I had...but you said you felt it within me."

Because Vincent had felt the strength Catherine possessed he simply
nodded it was true, and then reciprocated, saying, "And because of the
good you see in have given me hope..."

With a smile, Catherine replied, "Hope is a powerful thing. And now, I
have hope too...hope that perhaps our story will have more than only an
ending ..."

And as Vincent tipped his head, in a thoughtful manner, he replied,
"Perhaps it shall Catherine...perhaps it shall..."

Sweetly Catherine returned Vincent's heartfelt gaze, and then it struck her
that she had just told Vincent everything she had been holding tight in her
heart, everything. And then realized that in Vincent...she not only found
the missing part of her heart, but she had found her "Confidant" too.

Catherine then stepped into Vincent's waiting arms, where she felt at
home once more. And so it was there, under the star covered sky, they
accepted, and understood, they were a part of each other.

And as Catherine referred to the book Vincent had brought for her, she
thanked him, and then hopefully asked, "Shall we pick up where we left

With a nod, Vincent said yes, and as they settled in, Vincent bent his head
to rest on Catherine's, feeling so very thankful, that somehow...through it
all, Heaven had heard his bootless cries...
                                          The Beginning

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