It was such a beautiful snowy Christmas Eve,
and Catherine and Vincent planned to meet
in the park...the park which was a place they both loved so

When he arrived and saw how lovely Catherine looked,
and all she did to prepare for him,
with deep emotion asked,
"All this for me?"

With a smile she answered,
"Yes Vincent."

Accepting the rose he gave her,
she took in the romantic notion of the flower's aroma, and said
"How beautiful, thank you..."

And as they sat in their secluded corner of the park,
Catherine expressed, "I can think of no better place
to be this Christmas Eve...can you?"

In agreement, Vincent said he could not, but then said, "As
long as I am with you...anywhere would be perfect..."

Thinking Vincent's reply was a very sweet sentiment, she then
with emotion said, "Merry Christmas Vincent."

As Vincent brought Catherine into his warm embrace,
he replied, "Merry Christmas Catherine."