It was a busy day in the tunnels,
and so when time came to take an afternoon break,
it was another cherished tea time,
to be shared between Father and Son.

So as Jacob removed the tea cozy from the tea pot,
he shifted a bit in his stance,
as he warmly shared,
"I know I may have mentioned more than once,
that this was my Mother's tea cozy..."

To which Vincent humorously nodded, as he said,
"Yes you have Father, more than once!"

Chuckling a bit for repeating himself, Jacob continued with
his tale any how, saying,
"Yes, my Mother used it to cover her coveted
English Bone China Chintz Teapot.
You see, utilizing this tea cozy,
was a big part of the Tea Time experience for her.
Ah yes, as Mother would lift off the cozy to pour her tea,
she would frequently repeat,
"As Mother Wells would say,
Every tea drinker worth their salt,
uses a cozy for their pot!"

With a crooked grin, Jacob continued,
"As it were, my Mother actually adopted
the cozy tradition from my Grandmother Wells.
In fact, truth be told,
all the women on my Father's side of the family
used a cozy. So utilizing a tea cozy,
you might say, is a Well's family tradition!
A tradition my Father's Mother carried on,
and her mother before her, and so on and so forth.
It is a part of our lineage,
and so you must continue the tradition as well."

Vincent looked downward, feeling so honored
his Father expected this of him,
proving once more,
his Father viewed him as his true son
and just as important,
viewed him as a Wells descendant too.

So humbly and with pride,
Vincent promised to carry on this tradition, as he said,
"So I shall I shall..."

And because Vincent couldn't resist injecting a bit of humor,
he asked his Father,
"Where do you suggest I begin my Cozy quest?"

And because Jacob's Mother had sewn the Cozy he uses,
Jacob jovially offered, "I happen to know Mary's Sewing
Circle is being held this afternoon!
So in order to make good on the promise
you just made to carry on the tradition,
you could join the ladies
to craft your official Wells Cozy today!"

Since Vincent knew Father was trying to goad him
into sewing his official Wells Cozy
amongst the females of the Tunnels Sewing Circle Clutch,
Vincent outwitted his Father as he said,
"I suppose I could attend the Sewing Circle,
or, I could simply ask Mary to utilize her sewing expertise,
and fashion my official Wells Cozy for me instead."

Feeling outfoxed by his clever son, Jacob raised a brow as
resignedly responded, "I suppose you could ask Mary,
and thinks, you probably will!"

To which Vincent in reply, confidently declared,
"And thinks, you are right!"

A Time Remembered...
By Sharon Holtz