The Shore of Dreams!
Sharon Holtz
Chapter Twenty
And so Catherine ended her search, as she found Vincent in his chamber, sitting
on the edge of his bed, and he had his face within in his hands.

As she stepped forward, she tenderly spoke his name, “Vincent?”

And because he didn't answer, she walked in further, and asked, “Vincent...
what has you so upset? Is it the interviews? Because Jen agreed that if you
really don't want us to, then we won't do them. She just thought it would be fun
that's all. Like I said, it was just talk.”

Vincent stood as he in an impassioned manner, said, “Its not just the
interviews…I suppose doing an interview or two would be exciting for you both,
and would be all right.”

Woefully, she questioned, “Then what is it Vincent?”

Vincent paced a bit, before he leaned on the table as he helplessly said, “I don’t
know how to do this…”   

Lovingly, Catherine asked, “How to do what?”

He looked up through his fallen hair, and said, “Be the man you require me to
be! I do not know if I can accept this teetering between our two worlds.”

Vincent began pacing again as he said,  “When you decided to move here, I
believed it would be to the exclusion of your old life. However, I can see now I
possessed a naive point of view…your old life seems to keep pulling you back.”

Catherine softly said, “I am still in transition that’s all. Once this whole
prosecution case is wrapped up, and I have moved out of my apartment, well
then it will be different…but Vincent you must understand something right now.
I will always be connected to the world above. It was and will always be a part
of me. There are people I know and love there, people I can't turn my back on
and just forget.”

She explained further, by tenderly sighting, “Even Father still has ties above. I
know you understand all this…”

Vincent with a tearful faraway look in his eyes asked, “What if…one day…you
are above, and you had made a mistake.”

Catherine lowered her head, as she now understood, and so lovingly she said,
“Vincent, I will never change my mind about moving here with you...never."

Without a response, Vincent pitifully hung his head in such a way that broke
Catherine’s heart.

And so she assuredly added, “As I walked the streets today, I longed for the
tunnels. I longed for you. I could never live apart from you now.”

With tears in her own eyes, she asked, “How can’t you know that Vincent?”

She then brought her hand to her heart, and softly whispered, “Aren’t you

Catherine stepped up to Vincent and cradled his head to her, and as she soothed
his hair, she said, “Oh Vincent, all you have to do is listen. Tell me what you

Huskily he whispered, “That we are a part of one another.”

Catherine bent her head to rest upon his, as she tenderly said, “I believed you
when you first revealed this to me. Do you remember? We were parting from
one another here in the tunnels.”

Catherine reminisced, “You had just saved my life, and you told me we were a
part of one another, I remember thinking at the time, it must be true. How else
could you have found me in the park, or in that townhouse to rescue me.”

Vincent whispered, "And...I remember you told me, you owed me everything…”

Catherine smiled and said, “And you told me, I owed you nothing.”

Sadly, she sighed, “That was the only thing you ever said to me that wasn’t
true…I owe you my life, and all I have become.”

Catherine then lifted Vincent’s chin, so she could look into his beautiful blue
eyes. And as she looked deeply into them, she penetrated his soul and reminded
him, “It was then you said, we were apart of one another, and wherever I
would go, you would be with me.”

Vincent remembering nodded as he said, “Yes…”

Catherine then expressed, “That was when I first knew, our lives in some
fashion would one day be forever intertwined, somehow, someway.”  

Lovingly Catherine added, “And look! It has come to pass…here I in
your world sharing my life with yours. You are my world now…you are my

Vincent freed a tenuous breath as he stood, and took Catherine in his arms. He
looked down into her loving eyes, and embraced her.

As Vincent once again felt secure on the path, where their individual lives were
uniting, he masterfully said, “Catherine, I will walk you home.”

Catherine smiled as she said, “You have never called my chamber “Home”
before. I love that! Home is how it feels to me now too.”

Hand in hand, they walked contentedly, through the torched-lit tunnels, back to
Catherine’s chamber.

Meanwhile, Jennifer could not sleep, as she was so worried about Vincent and
Catherine, and her mind kept wandering back to Ronald. She couldn’t help
wondering what he and Lisa could be doing, and couldn't help but wonder if
Ronald has kissed her yet!

Deciding to get up and read for a little while, Jennifer hoped it would make her
sleepy. So she lit another candle, and sat at the little writing table. She tried to
concentrate, and fulfill Mary’s next reading requirement of moving on to the
next three chapters of Wuthering Heights.

As she turned the page, she heard Ronald at the threshold softly say, “Jenny are
you awake?”

Jennifer felt her heart pound as she said, “Yes I am Ronny, come on in.”

Ronald hesitated a moment, and had his head bent demurely as he walked in.
Shyly he said, “I wanted to check on you before I went to bed.”

Jennifer stood to greet him, so happy yet shocked, he had left Lisa so soon!

Smiling Jennifer said, “That is so sweet of you, but yes, I am fine. I feel so cozy

to which Jennifer then inquired, “But what about Vinny? Do you know if Cath
had found him?”

Ronald smiled as he relayed, “Funny you should ask, I just caught a glimpse of
them heading for Catherine’s chamber, and they were holding hands. So I think
it is safe to say that all is well.”

Jennifer heaved a sigh and said, “Wonderful news!”

She then shook her head in wonderment, as she pondered, “With all the passion
swilling around those two, isn't it  hard to believe they have not done “IT” yet?”

Ronald started coughing as her question caused him to choke on his own air!

Seeing his shocked reaction, Jennifer then said, "Ooops maybe I shouldn't have
said anything about that uh?"

He laughed as he regained his control and said, “Jenny, do you always say
whatever you are thinking?”    

To which Jennifer sweetly said, “No…not always Ronny.”

Ronald squinted as he said, “Well I can’t imagine what it would be you hold
back on saying then. You seem to be so open. I must admit I have never met
anyone quite like you.”

Jennifer raised her eyebrows, as she surmised, “No I am sure you haven’t.”   

Ronald stepped closer as he asked, “Seriously, Jenny, what does make you
hesitate? What do you hold back on?”

Jennifer looked up at Ronald, wondering if she should really say what was in
her heart.

Slowly she said, “Well there are a few things…”

Ronald coaxed a little more by beginning her sentence for her, saying, “Like…”

Jennifer cleared her throat as she said, “Well, for starters, I guess I am surprised
you are not still with Lisa. I imagined you would maybe, stay with her for the
night. And…I am holding back on asking why you had left her so soon.”

Ronald bent his head, and seriously said, “I will be open enough with you to tell
you…the subject had come up…but I just couldn’t stay.”

Jennifer hopefully questioned, “You couldn’t?”

Ronald shook his head slightly and said, “No Jenny, I couldn’t.”

Jennifer marveled and stated, “I am beginning to think my idea of love and
romance may be off the morality meter or something!”

Ronald queried, “How do you mean Jenny?”

Jennifer said, “Well it is just if I really cared for someone, and felt we were
falling in love, I don’t think I could hold back. I would have to jump right in
there with both feet!”

Jennifer laughed as she clarified, “Well not that feet would have anything to do
with it. I mean I don’t have a foot fetish or anything like that!”

Ronald laughed a moment and said, “Well there you go, I must agree with you
there…if and when I ever care deeply for someone again, and sure I was falling
in love, well, I don’t believe I would hold back either.”

Jennifer with hope in her heart, started thinking he must not like Lisa as much
as she had suspected he did! Surprisingly she asked, “”You wouldn’t?”

Ronald stepped closer still, as he looked down on Jennifer, and seriously said,
“No…I wouldn’t.”

Jennifer’s world stood still, as she looked up at this handsome man, and listened
to his deep resonating voice as he asked, “Jennifer, you said there were a few
things you hold back on? Tell me another.”

Thoughtfully, Jennifer closed her eyes, and decided to just go for it, as she said,
“My feelings…”

Ronald asked, “Your feelings Jenny? You seem to wear your heart on your
sleeve! That is hard to believe.”

Jennifer sweetly opened her eyes, and as she looked up into Ronald’s beautiful
brown eyes, she clarified,  “Well, I suppose I should say, I hold back on
revealing my feelings. Like…the feelings I have…for you.”  

To be continued
Final Chapter Twenty-one