The Shore of Dreams!
Sharon Holtz
Chapter Ten
To Vincent, My Beautiful Child
I look at you as you sleep,
So peaceful, beautiful and calm
and from a profound sadness I weep
As your little hand nestles in my palm
I wonder how the world shall look upon you
Because of the differences you so beautifully posses
As my heart seems to be breaking in two,
I wish for you a life,  full of happiness
I fear our time together is limited,
as I sense I shall soon depart
I won't be the one to make you feel protected
But know I'll carry you always in my heart
Father has vowed his dedication to you
He said he loved you too from the start
He told me when you seized his finger
You had also seized his heart!
Please remember, in the days which lie ahead,
In the days yet to dawn
Remember too in the nights bleakest darkness,
In the nights yet to come`
You must never curse your existence
Or wonder why you are here
Your love shines with such brilliance
Your purpose is so clear
To love, inspire and teach
you have so much to give
look outside your self and reach
show us all how to live
So embrace life, give of your heart,
And promise you won't live life in fear
To my little angel my precious gift
I praise God you are here!
All the Love in my Heart
As Catherine began to read the poem, she thought it started out so beautifully,
that she could not stop reading.

And she read:
Catherine cried, thinking this poem Anna had written to Vincent was so
beautiful, and she wished Vincent would have found this poem for himself
before he left upset.

Anna wanted him to be happy, and to experience all life had to give to her
unique baby boy, she so clearly dearly loved.

Then suddenly, Catherine realized Vincent had returned, and her heart leap as
she heard Vincent’s footsteps, stopping at the threshold of the chamber.  

He stood for a moment searching for the right words to say, before he spoke
her name in that rough husky manner he so sensually owned, “Catherine…”

Catherine took a deep breath, before she turned around, hoping they could
regain the joy of the day. And so she said, "I am glad you are back."

With a nod, he walked forward, and said, "I didn't go far. I didn't know where
to go. After all this is where all my answers are."

He then embraced Catherine, explaining, "It's just all of this information and the
photos...overwhelmed me."

Softly Catherine said she understood, saying, "Yes, it has been a lot to digest.
But its all good Vincent."

And then Catherine thought about the poem too, and debated if it was wise to
show it to him now, or save it for later.

But before she could tuck it away, he asked, "Is that Anna's too?"

Telling him it was, and that it had fallen out of the photo album right after he
left. As she handed it to him, with emotion, she said, "It is beautiful."

As he took the paper in his hands, he read the words Anna had written to him.
Here in this writing, she does speak of his differences, and lovingly she
conveyed her love for him, and the hopes she had for his life.

As Vincent lowered the paper, he embraced Catherine, and went on to say,
“The happiness Anna wished for me in this life, you have provided for me. So
unselfishly, you have wanted to give me everything.”

Lovingly, Catherine said, “I believe with all my heart, we were meant to find
one another, and build a life together. I never felt it more than I did today,
when  I feared for your health.”

Catherine looked upward into his eyes, and asked, “Don’t you feel it too

He sweetly smiled, and said,  “Yes I can feel it Catherine, I feel it too."

Thinking Catherine looked tired, Vincent then said, "It is getting late. Shall we

As Vincent snuffed out the last remaining torch, he led Catherine to her

As Vincent made sure Catherine was settled into bed, he stayed with her until
she had fallen asleep. And so lovingly he covered her once more before he with
one last glance, left her nuzzled so happily in her chamber bed.

As he walked back to his own chamber, he thought of Catherine’s sweetness
and of all the events of the day. And thought of how wonderful it felt to take
care of someone, and know he was cared for in return. Now as a man by
Catherine, and was as an infant by Anna.

“Something amusing Vincent?” asked Pascal, as Vincent absent-mindedly
passed by him!

Vincent stopped, and turned to look back to Pascal, who had an ear to the
pipes, and matter-of-factly asked, “Was I smiling? I hadn’t realized?”

To which Pascal replied, “Rather broadly my friend!”

Vincent cleared his throat as he changed the subject, asking, “What are you
listening to? Is there a problem?”  

Pascal motioned him over, and asked, “You have keen hearing, tell me do you
detect a tapping on this pipe here?”

Stepping up to listen, Vincent answered, “Yes, it is in code as well. However it
is not a distress code, but rather a communication of sorts…to topside!”

Vincent listened again, and said, “I can’t quite make it out…the word shipment,
and drop-off site, and Friday!”

Vincent turned to Pascal, and thoughtfully asked, “Who would be sending such
a message?”

He then additionally inquired, “Where does this pipe originate from?”         

Informatively, Pascal answered, “Deeper than deep Vincent, way beyond the
depth of the catacombs!”

Vincent walked with Pascal, as he decided, "In the morning we will inform
Father. If these messages continue, perhaps a trip below the catacombs will be

Pascal hesitantly asked the question they were both surmising, “We haven’t  
heard anything from Paracelsus since he abducted Catherine…do you think it is

Vincent looked back at Pascal and said, “Yes most likely my friend…it is.”

To be continued
Chapter Eleven