The Shore of Dreams!
Sharon Holtz
Chapter Six
Catherine smiled, as she said goodbye to the little girl, and then thought of how
fixing Samantha's hair, reminded her of the happy nurturing times, she had
spent with her Mom.

As Catherine closed the wooden doors to the cabinet, she couldn’t help but
think how sad it was, Samantha had never shared such moments with her Mom

Dreamily, she thought about her Mom, and the times  they had shared, and she
realized in a few weeks, it would be Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day was always a very difficult day for her to get through, but maybe
this year would be different.

She would try to make it different!  Instead of dreading and lamenting that day’s
arrival, and dwelling on all the sadness it brought to her, she would instead
embrace it, and be thankful she did have a wonderful Mother who had loved

After all, she was blessed, unlike Vincent, or Samantha, who had to reconcile
their misfortune of having a Mother who could not, for whatever reason raise
them for themselves.

And so with Vincent being busy, having time to herself, Catherine decided to go
back to the restoration chamber, and have a look at Anna’s desk again. Mary
and Peter's visit sidetracked her earlier, she had yet to figure out, what kind of
varnish she should pick up at Harvey’s paint store on Wednesday.

As she lifted the roll top, she thought of how wonderfully crafted this beautiful
desk was. After all these years, it rolled back easily and right into place.

Catherine had fun, as she checked out the drawers, and noticed that two of
them were locked. Hmmm, she quizzically wondered, if Vincent knew where
the key was. Remembering how her Grandmother hid her desk's key under
neath, she ran her hand on the underside of the desk, and felt a key taped to the
bottom. As Catherine looked at the key, she wondered what to do.

Tapping her chin with the key, she debated if it was right for her to take a look?
Catherine ultimately decided she should wait, and it was only right for Vincent
to be the one to unlock the drawers.

Meanwhile, though there were others unlocked, so Catherine opened the one,
and it pulled completely out of from the desk.  

As she inspected it to see how to slide it back in, she found on the bottom of the
drawer a letter taped flushed to the underside.

As she opened the letter, Catherine thought it appeared to be torn from a diary
or maybe a journal. As she stepped closer to the light illuminating from the
burning torch, she held the paper up so it could catch the light from it, and she

Catherine stood motionless for a few minutes, and as she wiped the tears from
her cheeks, she thought she had never read anything more beautiful! Anna loved
Vincent so much, and this letter shows  he was loved as much, as any child.

She could not wait to show Anna’s journal entry to Vincent. What a treasured
gift she had found.

As she returned to her chamber, she waited for Vincent to come to her. He said
he would come right after he completed the chores Jacob had asked him to do.

Catherine entered her homey chamber, and as she lay upon her bed, she closed
her eyes, and just took in the ambiance. Never before had she felt the
significance of being there in Anna’s old chamber.  

Catherine thought to herself, “This was where she cared for Vincent, here when
he was first brought to the tunnels.”

As Vincent stood at the threshold, he saw Catherine laying quietly on her side,
softly he asked, “Catherine, are you awake?”

Catherine turned to the magic of Vincent’s voice, and said, “Oh yes Vincent, I’
m awake, just waiting for you.”

As Vincent approached her bed, he relayed, “You certainly changed Samantha’s
tears into smiles Catherine. I and Father wish to thank you for your help with
her today.”

Catherine smiled herself, and said, “She is a special little girl Vincent. You know
I was thinking, maybe later this week, since Samantha is missing Lisa so much,
I could take her up and meet Lisa for lunch.”

Quickly adding, “I haven’t said anything to Samantha yet, Vincent. I wanted to
know what you and Father thought about it first.”

Vincent bowed his head, and said, “We will ask Father, but don’t be
disappointed if he does not say yes.”

Thoughtfully, he continued, “It is a hard line to walk. Right now Samantha is
happy, and we are her only family, and her only option beside the legal Foster
Home program. Were she to go above too often, she may become discontented,
and restless. Until she is older and can make her own decisions, we must be

Vincent looked at Catharine, and could see how her face had fallen, he then
added,  “However I will not discount the possibility, I only want you to
understand the ramifications of such activities.”

Catherine nodded and said, “It was only a thought Vincent. But  I do
understand Vincent.”

She sat up, and patted the bed aside of her, and said, “Vincent come here. I
want to tell you something.”

Quizzically as he sat down he asked, “Yes Catherine? Tell me what is on your

Catherine hugged Vincent, and said, “I would rather tell you what is in my

Softly he urged, “What  then Catherine, tell me what is in your heart.”

Lovingly, she said, “As I laid here waiting for you to come to me, I could feel so
much love here within these chamber walls. From all the love that has been
nurtured here…your love for me, my love for you…Anna’s love as she cared
for you here…”

Vincent softly asked, “Anna’s love for me…you can feel it here Catherine?

Catherine smoothed his long hair down his back, and nodded yes, and just as
she was about to tell him about Anna's journal, suddenly she could feel Vincent’
s breath quicken, and he seemed to have a shortness of breath.           

Worriedly, Catherine looked at him, and could see something was wrong!
“Vincent, Vincent what is it?”

Vincent brought his hand to his heart, and as he closed his eyes, he whispered,
“I’m not sure Catherine…I have never felt like this before.”

Catherine carefully helped him to lay down, and elevated his feet. Quickly, she
ran to the threshold, and yelled out into the tunnel, hoping for Jamie or someone
to hear her! Since no one answered her, Catherine had no other choice but to
run for Jacob and Peter!

As Catherine rinsed out a wash cloth from her wash basin, she placed it on
Vincent’s forehead, and said, “Vincent, do you think you will be alright for a
moment, I would like to get Father and Peter to look at you!”

Vincent nodded, and as he opened his eyes, he had a fear within them that
frightened Catherine. She tried not to cry as she said, “Vincent, I’ll be right

Vincent tried to call her back to use the master pipe system, but Catherine was
already gone, and too frazzled to think of it herself.

Meanwhile, Peter called on Jacob, and asked,  “Are you busy?”

Looking up to find Peter with a friendly smile, Jacob realized how terribly crass
he had been earlier, as he spoke to Vincent about him.

Sincerely, he welcomed him in, and said, “Come in Peter, Vincent told me you
were coming to see me. I understand you are going to prepare a chamber in the
new expansion area.”

Peter nodded and said, “What do you think about it Jacob? I will only if you

Jacob hobbled up to his old friend, and as warmness settled between them, he
told him, “Of course Peter, your are welcome to pick the chamber of your
liking, and begin your eventual migration here to the tunnels.”

In a relieved manner, Peter scoffed, and said, “You know you surprise me
Jacob. Somehow, I wasn’t quite sure how you were going to react to my
request. I don’t know, I have sensed an irritation from you lately. Like maybe
you are mad at me or something.”

Ashamedly, Jacob bowed his head, and sadly admitted, “Peter, I cannot deny
my actions. I know I have been acting strained lately. Please accept my

Peter quizzed him further and asked, “What’s the problem Jacob, what have I

Regretfully, Jacob looked at Peter, and admitted, “I suppose I have been
jealous, I have seen you and Mary growing closer.”

Adding, “Why only today, Vincent made me admit to my own feelings for

Peter shook his head, and said, “Jacob, Mary and I, we are just friends. I have
been more attentive I suppose lately, but it is only because, I don’t know, I
seem to have had a rebirth of sorts. Since the death of my Uncle Marty a few
weeks back, it did something to me. Do you know he only had family members
there at his funeral…all of his life, he spent working, and had not taken the time
to make any friends. Well it made me look at myself. I have realized I was on
that same road. I want the people who are important to me to know they are
important to me!”

Warmly, Peter looked knowingly at Jacob, and said, “Maybe you should try it
too. I mean does Mary have any idea how you feel?”

Jacob astonishingly said, “I dare say, I didn’t want to step on your toes as you
were wooing Mary, and no,  she hasn’t any idea.”

Peter chided, “Then you should tell her! Come on Jac…”

Just then Catherine burst into Jacob’s chamber and said, “Please Father, Peter,
follow me back to my chamber, Vincent is breathing erratically, and then he
subconsciously reached for his heart! I don’t know what it could be!”

Peter and Catherine ran ahead as Jacob instructed, and he would come as
quickly as he could.

To be continued
Chapter Seven
Thank you Dear God,
for letting me find Vincent this day.
I walked the city streets tonight searching, looking for something!
I felt distraught and so alone.  
I have had so much despair since I lost my baby,
and though the others have tried to help me and tried to
what I was going through,
nothing made a difference.
I missed my baby so much,
and I didn’t think anything
or anyone could help me find my way.
Then like a miracle, I heard a cry!  
A helpless cry
and as I searched through the refuse,
I found a baby!
He had been left inside the dumpster at St Vincent’s hospital.
As I scooped him up in my arms,
I felt his helplessness,
and I knew he needed me.
I don’t know why his Mother left him there,
I don’t know how she could have left this beautiful little boy,
when I would have done anything to save my own.
Nevertheless, for whatever the reason,
you led me to him.
Many say I saved his life tonight by finding him,
but in truth, he saved mine.
As I sit here within my chamber,
and I watch him sleeping in my arms,
I feel my heart swell with love…so much love.
Already, I love Vincent as if he were my own,
yes, I named him Vincent
in honor of the place he was found.
I shall cherish him,
and love him for all of my days,
and I thank you for this miracle
on this very sweet, bitter cold, cold night.