The Shore of Dreams!
Sharon Holtz
Chapter One
Alone now within the cavernous chamber, Vincent watched his sleeping
Catherine, and was so happy they could finally be alone, alone to share this
wondrous place together...

Resting his head on his outstretched arm, he waited for his sleeping beauty to
wake, contented watching her, in her slumbering state...

As Catherine stirred, she could feel Vincent’s eyes on her, as she sleepily
opened her eyes. With a smile, she dreamily asked, “Its so quiet, where is

Softly, he answered, “You were sleeping so peacefully, I hated to wake you, so
I told them to go on ahead.”          

Her heart fluttered, knowing they were there alone, and with talk of their shared
dream, still very fresh on her mind, she had to wonder if it was on Vincent's
mind too.

Catherine reached out for Vincent’s hand, and asked, “How long have I been

In his stirring raspy whisper, Vincent replied, “Not very long.”

And so she curiously asked, “Have you just been looking at me, waiting for me
to wake up?”

Amorously, Vincent answered, “Yes...”

Catherine laughed softly, as she brought her hand to her face, and said, “I am so
embarrassed Vincent!”

To which Vincent whispered, “Don't be. You looked so peaceful."

Catherine stretched a bit as she rolled on her side to face him, and with a smile
she said, “I enjoyed watching you play with your friends so much, I'm surprised
I fell asleep. Hmm, but it was a heavenly nap. Just what I needed. Vincent, I am
so happy.”

Vincent pulled Catherine next to him, and as he looked down at her, he asked,
“But is it too soon to know for certain…is it too early to know, this is where
you want to live the rest of your life, that this is where you could be happy for

Catherine held his gaze, as she answered, “It’s not too soon to know for certain.
I believe  I have known for a very long time I wanted to be here.”

She then revealed, “I just needed the courage to change my life. Now I am
here...I have the feeling as if I am home at last. I am with the man I love, in a
place that is magical, and full of surprises at every turn. I could never return to
my old life now Vincent. I want so much more now…I want you. It is as you
told me along time ago, we are a part of each other.”

Vincent heard the words from his Catherine he knew he needed to hear. She
professed her love and desire to be with him, in a loving passion filled
declaration. And her words reinforced his fortitude to continue onward, knowing
it was right to pursue their dream. And he prayed for the knowledge, to
recognize...when the time was right...he would ask Catherine to be his wife.

Vincent stood, and asked, “Will you come with me Catherine…come with me
to a wonderful place behind the falls, behind the falling water.”

Catherine stood, as Vincent took her by the hand and led her to this mystic

Once there, Catherine expounded, "This is a so beautiful here. The power of the
falls and the prisms, I love it!"

In a knowing tone, Vincent expressed, "I knew you would love this place, as I
do. I long to share all of my world with you."

As he pulled her close, in a loving passionate whisper, he told her, “I long to
share everything."

Just then they heard, “Ok Good…Ok fine, Mouse will find you Arthur!”

As Vincent assessed the situation, he came up with two scenarios. One, if they
were quiet maybe Mouse would not find them back there and they could enjoy
their time alone, or two, they could make themselves known, and help him find
Arthur and walk back to the tunnels with him.

Thinking the first option sounded best, he put his finger to his lips to silence
Smiling up at Vincent enjoying a little espionage, she stayed quiet too.

Just then Mouse wandered back behind the falls too, and found them! Oblivious
to their trying to hide, Mouse innocently asked, “Have you seen Arthur?”

To be continued
Chapter Two
Vincent presented Catherine's chamber to her in Dreams of Gold!
The Tunnels were now becoming her home,
and as she began to sever her life in the world above,
she was beginning to feel more and more like a real part of
the Tunnel community.
Catherine must now find a way that she can contribute,
and to make Vincent proud of her.
As they pledge their commitment to one another,
their relationship changes as well.