Good Bye Sweet Edward

How sad that we must mourn
the loss of this dear sweet man.
And those of us who are fans of
Beauty and the Beast,
are doubly saddened because we have lost
an integral quotient to our love story,
and so any hopes of a reunion with all the players in
are now gone.
Edward Albert was the man who had so gently played
the powerful Elliot Burch,
who was the other man who had given Catherine his
and it was Edward, who gave him a heart to give.
None of us wanted anyone to come between
Catherine and Vincent,
but if any man could would have been Elliot.
Their relationship was powerful too in its own right,
because his love for her, positively altered his life,
his spirit, and his direction,
making him a tragic figure in our eyes,
because by the time he changed
it was too late...he had lost Catherine.

Thank you for all the joy, and emotion
your work had given us Edward,
and with one last embrace
we bid you adieu
2-20-51 - 9-22-06