With the music softly playing, together  they danced to this most beautiful song:

As their song ended, Vincent softly asked Catherine, if she was ready to go

In reply, she whispered, "Yes Vincent, I am ready."

They said their good nights to everyone except for Father and Mary, who were
still out on the dance floor! They were the last two still dancing, and gazed into
each other's eyes, as "Moon River" played on.

The walk through the park was just as beautiful as they had hoped it would be.
The snow was falling softly to the earth, muffling the sounds of the world
around them. Yes...tonight as they walked back to Catherine's apartment, hand
in hand, they were as any other couple in love, very anxious to be alone.

Meeting on the balcony, Catherine welcomed Vincent inside, saying, "Come in,
please make yourself at home. I want you to be as comfortable here in my
world, as I was tonight in yours."

Vincent stood for a moment, before following her, saying, "I do now feel at ease
here with you." It was true, the wall he had mentally tore down enabled him to
enter Catherine's apartment, and be at ease here now, with the woman that he

Catherine voiced her pleasure that this was so, before asking, "Would you start
a fire for us, and I will get the tea."

As Catherine entered her kitchen, Vincent took out her gift he had hidden within
his cloak, and placed it on the coffee table by the fireplace. Vincent then knelt to
light the fire, hoping that his gift would please her.

Catherine re-entered the living room and commented, "Oh Vincent the fire looks
so inviting."

She then set the tea down on the coffee table, and as she did so, she noticed her
gift Vincent had placed there!

She was so eager to see what Vincent had chosen for her, and at the same time,
she hoped he would like his gift she was going to give him too.  As Vincent
finished stoking the fire, Catherine put on some music, and lit the candles on the
mantle. The music, and the flickering flames from both the fire, and the candles,
gave them a very romantic atmosphere in which they would exchange their
Valentine gifts.

As Catherine settled in on the couch she anxiously waited for Vincent to join
her. Dreamily she then commented, "This night seems like a dream. You have
made it so special for me."

Vincent looked at Catherine as he sat by her, and said, "That is what I hoped
for, I wanted to fill you night with special moments...moments for you to
remember fondly."

As Vincent poured the tea, he poured with an assured elegance, and asked,
"Would you like to open your gift?"

Catherine thought for a moment before handing Vincent his gift, and asked,  
"Please, you go first."

She watched excitedly as Vincent undid the wrapping on his gift. As he gently
brought out the beautiful candle, he noticed it was scented with Catherine's
special fragrance. With an awesome tone, he noted, "This candle shall remind
me of you."

In a soft, gentle voice, Catherine instructed him, "When you light this candle,
and you see the burning flame, I want you to think of it, as the love I have
inside of my heart for you."

Hearing Catherine say these words of love to him, fulfilled many secret longings
Vincent had owned all of his life. He thought of how freeing it was to now talk
of their love for each other openly, and not hidden within the safe harbor of
their hearts.

Vincent then noticed a small Journal in the bottom of the package, and asked,
"Something more?"

Nervously, Catherine informed him, "Yes, I have written something inside for
you, words from my heart."

Vincent slowly and solemnly opened the pages, and silently read:

My Dearest Vincent,
How do I convey my love to you? I am not a poet or a writer, or someone who
would be able to transcribe these thoughts and feelings down in an eloquent
fashion, of which you would so love to read. I would like to try though so you
can understand how I feel about you...
You entered my empty life firstly as my hero, then my friend, and now...you
are my love. I know now I was merely waiting, waiting for you. Being at your
side is all I want. It does not matter where this journey takes us, I would go to
the ends of the earth, or miles below it, as long as it is with you.
The way I feel for you, is hard to put into words, I do love and cherish you but
in some ways I want to protect you too. You seem to have such an innocent
notion about some aspects of life, yet you possess such insight into other
areas, that would put scholars to shame.
In my dreams, we are as one, possessing each other and living a happy life
together. These dreams are so beautiful, that when I wake from them, I am
consumed with a happiness like nothing I have ever known!  And when I recall
my fantasies, they seem so real, that I don't think  I could have imagined them.
And I believe the dreams I have, are merely waiting to become a reality for us.
And I love thinking of you as my sweetheart...because that is how I feel about
                                         Forever yours,

Vincent sat without words for a moment, and as a tear formed and fell from his
lashes, he looked at Catherine and whispered, "What a sweet passage you have
written for me. I shall cherish these words for always."

Catherine  tearfully replied, "It is how I feel, how I will always feel about you."

Vincent then said, "Catherine...your gift."

As Vincent gave his gift to her, she cleared her throat of emotion, and prepared
to open. Untying the string from the quilted cloth wrapped gift; Catherine
excitedly looked at the binding of the book, and exclaimed, "Oh Vincent,
"Romeo and Juliet".  Thank you so much!"

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Catherine gave Vincent a loving hug, and went on to admire her gift once more.
As she opened the treasure, she found a beautiful golden lock of hair inside. To
which Vincent explained, "That is from my first hair cut Catherine..."

As Catherine looked at the curl in a reverent disbelief, she brought it to her
heart, and then looked at it once more.

Catherine was so moved, as she envisioned a little Vincent getting a hair cut.
The tears she wept did not really have a name. Catherine knew only that this
gift from Vincent moved her so. "Oh Vincent this has brought me so much joy,
thank you."      

With much emotion, Catherine said, "I can just picture you  as a little boy. And
though this vision warms my heart, it makes me feel homesick inside too, Oh
Vincent, I am not sure I can explain it! Perhaps it's  because..."

Sweetly she continued,  "...because of all the lost years till we finally met."

Taking in a deep breath, she then sighed, "What a wonderful Valentine's Day! I
feel like the happiest woman on this earth."

Holding the book up to Vincent, Catherine asked, "Would you read to me?"

Vincent nodded asking, "Any special Act Catherine?" Nestling in at Vincent's
side, she told him, "I don't care, you choose Vincent...I just love when you read
to me."

It was good that it didn't matter to Catherine, because Vincent knew just what
he wanted to read. He flipped to Act 1 scene 5. But before he began, he asked,
"Will you honor me by being the Juliet to my Romeo?"

Catherine thought to herself  this really sounded fun to act out a play with
Vincent, and so she gleefully agreed, "I would love that..."

And so Vincent began:

ROMEO:   If I profane with my unworthiest hand, This holy shrine, the      
         gentle fine is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand           
         To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.

JULIET:     Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, Which mannerly  
           devotion shows in this; For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands   
           do touch, And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.

ROMEO:    Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?

JULIET:     Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.

(Vincent presented his hand up for Catherine to place hers, palm to palm to
his...And as Catherine looked deep into Vincent's eyes, she wondered how
much they are really going to act out? For she knew and loved this scene so

ROMEO:     O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; They pray, grant
           thou, lest faith turn to despair.

JULIET:      Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake.

ROMEO: Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take.Thus from my lips,     
         by yours, my sin is purged.

As Vincent finished reading, he looked down at Catherine, and lifted her chin,
and gave her the sweetest, and most gentlest of kisses. As they parted, they
lovingly looked into each other's eyes.

As Vincent sensed a peace settle over his heart, he now understood what
Catherine has always known. This passion he had for her  inside his heart would
not betray him or Catherine. For he now understood, it was his heart which
ruled his passion. He felt as if he was at home at last. As tears of happiness
filled her eyes, she tenderly touched his face, and continued on, she didn't need
to look down to read her next line, for she knew it so well, she then recited:

JULIET:      Then have my lips the sin that they have took.

ROMEO:     Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again.

And happily Catherine did...

  The End

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Sweet Passage!
By Sharon Holtz
Chapter Seven
Final Chapter

The First Time I loved forever
The first time I loved forever
Was when you whispered my name
And I knew at once you loved me
For the me of who I am

The first time I loved forever
I cast all else aside
And I bid my heart to follow
Be there no more need to hide

And if wishes and dreams are merely for children
And if love's a tale for fools
I'll live the dream with you

For all my life and forever
There's a truth I'll always know
When my world divides and shatters
Your love is where I'll go