As Mary noted the next photo, she mused,
"This was the year we had a few uninvited guests!
Oh my, here the children listened intently to Father's story...hmmm,
looks like Vincent did too!
was trying
to get ready
for a Party she also
had been invited to...
But the munchkins kept coming!
So even though she was wrapped in only a towel
Catherine made sure all the
tricks were treated
until finally...Catherine had time to dress, and
was ready to P-A-R-T-Y!
Meanwhile...In the city above...
Then after Father's story ended...
Vincent had to prepare himself,
because he had a party to attend!
And it was so wonderful
Catherine met someone very special at the party...teehee
"Oh Deary..." Says Mary, "...remember when Vincent dressed as HellBoy,
& Catherine as that spicy Sarah Connor?
They were a delight!"
As Halloween draws near,
Mary as per usual, grew sentimental
once more. And so she brought out
the Photo Album to look at a few photos
from past All Hallows Eve gatherings...
With a sigh,
Mary opens the album and as she
reflects, she notes,
"Vincent and Catherine sure
looked cute in their
Steam Punk outfits last year.
Yes, very cute indeed!"
Halloween Memories
Here's some more photos from past Halloween's ....
"Oh such an apropos choice of outfits...they are dressed as a
couple of learned nerds...err, I mean book loving
brainiacs...ahem...onward shall we?