Well since all of my good questions had been
I had to come up with a subject
that had not been addressed yet.
So, jokingly I asked if he would be doing any more
Police Academy movies.
He laughed and said that he managed to single
handedly end the lucrative Police Academy franchise,
and that no...he would not!
As it turned out, I wasn't the last one with a question,
as one other guy got up behind me,
and asked Ron if he would arm wrestle with him.
Well....as you can see, Ron said that he would.

Everyone loved it!
The End....
unless I can make it to another Comic Con!!
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Thank goodness my husband Dan,
had the nerve to ask Ron,
if he could take a picture of  him and I together!
He graciously said yes.
Oh my...do I look happy or what?
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Ron at the Comic Con!
May 15, 2004

My husband Dan, saw Ron Perlman
was on the Comic Con list, for the 2004 Comic Con in  
Novi Michigan, to promote his "Hellboy" movie!
Needless to say, I was over the moon excited
to see Ron Perlman in person,
and so Dan drove me from Ohio to see him.
I have never gone to a Comic Con before, so
I didn't realize how accessible the stars are to us there.
But there he was...right in front of me,
only a few feet away!
I then stood in line with all the hundreds
of other fans, waiting to get his autograph.
It was very exciting talking to the other fans
as they were as eager as I was to meet him.
Luckily, Dan was on the job and ready with a camera
to document this very auspicious occasion.
I hope you enjoy seeing Ron in these Comic con pics
as much as I still do. I still cannot believe it!
Hmm, I wonder if you can spot me in the crowd?
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Here I am meeting Ron Perlman...my hero!
They provided pictures for him to sign from "Hellboy"
if you didn't have anything of your own...
I was so disappointed I had not taken any of my
Beauty and the Beast memorabilia.
Oh well...I am not complaining,
cause I love Ron as Hellboy too.
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I noticed that Vincent was left handed
when he would write in his journal...
what a coincidence...Ron is too!
This was Ron at the beginning of the Q & A
portion of the convention.
He was so entertaining and interesting
as he answered everyone's questions.
Well...it was nearing the end of his allotted time in the
and there was no one else in line!
So my husband urged me to go up and ask him a
Knowing I would be sorry if I didn't,
I got up my nerve, and walked up there!
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