Beauty and the Beast
Episode Guide

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Season 1

1. Once Upon a Time in the City of New York
gs: John McMartin (Charles Chandler) Ron O'Neal (Isaac Stubbs) Ray Wise (Tom) Ava Lazar
(Carol Stabler)

Catherine Chandler comes from a rich family. She works for her father at his law firm. Her life is
full of people that are nothing more than acquaintances. She feels as if everything in her life is
superficial. While at yet another party she decides to just leave. As she is walking through the park
she is mistaken for someone else and is pulled into a van full of thugs. They slash her face and beat
her up, then they push her out of the van and leave her for dead. A shadowy figure appears and
carries her to secret set of forgotten tunnels below the city. There he bandages her wounds and
helps to nourish her back to health. One day when Catherine is feeling better and has regained her
some of her strength she begins to take the bandages off of her face. She walks to the wall and finds
something to look into and she sees what the thugs have done to her face for the first time. Then she
sees finally who her rescuer was. She screams at his appearance and throws what she was looking
in at him. He quickly leaves. Later on he brings her some food. He has pulled his hood up so that it
is hard for her to see what he looks like. She asks him to wait as he starts to leave. He stops and
turns toward her. She pulls back the hood so that she can see his face. This time there is no scream
just silence as she looks at him. They begin to form a friendship. When she is well enough Vincent
leads her to a place right beneath her apartment building. Catherine has plastic surgery to hide the
hideous scars on her face. After her surgery she is determined that her life will make a difference.
She quits working in her father's firm and begins to work at the District Attorney's office. She also
take a self defense class. During this time Vincent realizes just how strong their bond is. He can
feel everything that she does. He knows whatever she is feeling because he can sense it. Catherine
sets out to find the woman who her attackers were really looking for. She finds her and puts her up
in a safe house to protect her until she testifies against her attackers. While there the attackers find
the woman and kill her. Then they go after Catherine. Vincent senses her fear and goes to her. Just
as Catherine begins to think that all hope is lost Vincent OEMs through the wall and saves her from
her attackers. He then grabs her hand and they quickly disappear below the city until he takes her
to the place beneath her apartment building. She asks if she will ever see him again and his reply is
that he doesn't know.

b: 25-Sep-1987 pc: 001 w: Ron Koslow d: Richard Franklin

NOTE: This was the beginning of the show that stayed through the first two seasons. It changed in
the first episode of the third season, which was after Catherine died. Vincent: This is her world, a
world apart from mine. Her name is Catherine. From the moment I saw her she captured my heart
with her beauty, her warmth, and her courage. I knew then as I know now, she would change my
life forever. Catherine: He comes from secret place far below the city streets. Hiding his face from
strangers. Safe from hate and harm. He brought me there to save my life and now wherever I go he
is with me in spirit. For we have a bond stronger than friendship or love. And although we can not
be together we will never, ever be apart.
This beginning was put to use on the second episode, which was called " Terrible Savior". It was
used until the second episode of the third season, which was called " Walk Slowly".
Post your thoughts or questions or answers to questions about the "Editor's Opinion", in the viewer
comments area. Let me know what you think. Be honest and have fun. Help keep the dream alive.
David Schwartz, supervising producer, appeared in this episode as the one who escorts Carol from
the D.A.'s office to the so-called safe house.

First meeting between major characters
First glimpse of the Tunnel World
Establishment of antagonistic relationship between Father and Catherine
Establishment of Vincent and Catherine's bond


2. Terrible Savior
gs: Dorian Harewood (Jason Walker) Tracee Lyles (Mrs. Dalby) Iilana B'tiste (Suki) Anthony Peck
(Red) Delroy Lindo (Isaac Stubbs)

A slasher that kills with claws and leaves the victims looking as if they were mauled by a bear is on
the prowl. He attacks on the subway. Most of his victims are older. When Catherine finds out about
the case she starts to suspect Vincent as she remembers how he rescued her from the attackers in
the safe house. She talks to him about it. In a way this upsets him, but he tells her that it is not him.
She is relieved when she finds out for sure that it is not him. Especially since the true culprit is a
very unexpected source.

b: 02-Oct-1987 pc: 004 w: George R.R. Martin d: Alan Cooke

First indication that the tunnels are ancient and known to some Above
Catherine's first use of pipes to call Vincent, indicating the beginnings of her transition to a
"Tunnel World" helper
Catherine's first use of her newly acquired self-defense skills


3. Siege
gs: Edward Albert (Elliot Burch) Robin Gammell (Lewis Arthur) Louis Giambalvo (Leo Mundy)
Albert Hague (Micha Langer) Eda Reiss Merin (Sophie) Branscombe Richmond (thug)

Catherine falls for megabucks developer, Elliot Birch. Elderly people are being thrown out of their

b: 09-Oct-1987 pc: 003 w: David E. Peckinpah d: Paul Lynch

NOTE: In this episode Vincent inscribes a book of Shakespeare's Sonnets for Catherine. The
inscription says:" Shakespeare knew everything." During the episode Sonnet XXIX was read.

First real test of Catherine's devotion to Vincent
First time Catherine kisses a man
Vincent's first quotation of Shakespeare
Vincent's first gift of a red rose to Catherine (ironically in the same episode in which Catherine
receives red roses from another man)
First time Vincent reveals himself to a stranger


4. No Way Down
gs: Chris Nash (Chris) Tony Longo (Howie) Nancy Lenehan (Lucy) Merritt Butrick (Shake) Jeffrey
Combs (Python) Elizabeth Gorcey (Cozy) Delroy Lindo (Isaac Stubbs) Gela Nash (Miss Patricia)

Vincent is blinded after an explosion and must escape a street gang that is holding him hostage.
Once he is free he must find his way home.

b: 16-Oct-1987 pc: 005 w: James Crocker d: Thomas J. Wright

NOTE: Did you notice the new addition to the page? The "Editor's Opinion?" Post your comments,
thoughts, or opinions about it in the viewers comment's area. Have fun and help keep the dream
Vincent's first capture aboveground
Father's antagonism towards Catherine begins to soften somewhat as she is willing to sacrifice for
Isaac Stubb's third and final appearance in the series


5. Masques
gs: Caitlin O'Heaney (Briget O'Donnell) John McMartin (Charles Chandler) Eric Pierpoint
(Donald) Aubrey Morris (Sean) Gerry Gibson (Michael) Martin Garner (Moe) Ernie Lively
(Cavanaugh) Cory Danziger (Kipper)

Halloween night Vincent goes above to meet an Irish writer named Brigit O' Donnell. Halloween is
the only night that Vincent is safe above. Catherine is at the same party. Eventually they wind up
spending the evening together as Catherine shows Vincent her world.

b: 30-Oct-1987 pc: 007 w: George R.R. Martin d: Alan Cooke

First "holiday" episode- indicating observance of holidays by the Tunnel World may parallel those
of the world above
Vincent's only trip to the world above during which he is never at risk
First time Vincent and Catherine are Above together in the sunlight


6. The Beast Within
gs: Asher Brauner (Mitch Denton) John McLiam (Sam Denton) Mike Pniewski (Frank De Corsia)
Stan Kamber (Jack Sweeney) Monty Bane (Rado) Michael Alldredge (Nat)

Catherine has a nearly fatal confrontation with an ex-tunnel dweller, named Mitch Denton.

b: 06-Nov-1987 pc: 006 w: Andrew Laskos d: Paul Lynch

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Catherine's closest brush with death to date
First indication of the existence of people raised in the tunnels, but living Above
First mention of a "Helpers" network Above
Catherine kills for the first time in the series


7. Nor Iron Bars a Cage
gs: Michael Ensign (Edward Hughes) Christian Clemenson (Gould) Basil Hoffman (Trask) Darryl
Hickman (Quint) Ellen Albertini Dow (Anna Lausch)

Vincent is captured and held hostages by two scientists who stick him in a cage. Catherine
considers a new job in Providence.

b: 13-Nov-1987 pc: 008 w: Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa s: Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa &
Ron Perlman d: Thomas J. Wright

Vincent's 2nd capture by and escape from forces of the world Above
First awareness of the name "Vincent" in Catherine's life by any of her friends
Second real test of Catherine's love for Vincent


8. Song of Orpheus
gs: Neil Reinhold (Reporter #1) Diana Douglas (Margaret Chase) Paul Gleason (Henry Dutton)
Robert Symonds (Alan Taft)

Father's past is revealed when he goes above for the first time in over thirty years to see a friend.
When he gets to his friends office he finds his friend is dead. Father is then charged with murder.

b: 20-Nov-1987 pc: 009 w: Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa d: Peter Medak

Revelation of Father's real name and reason for founding the Tunnel World
Catherine's first use of the word "love" as it applies to her feelings for Vincent (though not said to
him directly)
Revelation that Father has been married (and in love) before


9. Dark Spirit
gs: Beah Richards (Narcissa) Cliff DeYoung (Alexander Ross) Diana Barton (Lindsay Gates)
Obaka Adedunyo (Hector Ocala) Jessie Ferguson (Roy Ocala) Brett Hadley (William Coleman)

While investigating a voodoo murder Catherine is attacked through her own fears.

b: 27-Nov-1987 pc: 010 w: Robert Bernheim d: Thomas J. Wright

Introduction of the new major character Narcissa
Catherine's first rejection of Vincent at a moment of personal crisis


10. A Children's Story
gs: Richard Herd (Richard Barnes) Kamie Harper (Ellie) Richard Portnow (Naj) Joshua Rudoy
(Eric) Josh Williams (runaway boy) Cory Danziger (Kipper)

Children are being sold to a Fagin-like chief.

b: 04-Dec-1987 pc: 002 w: Ron Koslow d: Gabrielle Beaumont

First acceptance of people from the world Above into the Tunnel World community


11. An Impossible Silence
gs: Terrylene (Laura Williams) Chris Mulkey (Danny Yates) John M. Jackson (Laine Keller) Jason
Bernard (Jack Davis) Dana Gladstone (Det. Snyder) Terrylene (Laura) Robert Pastorelli (Tony
Perotta) Glenn Plummer (Curtis Jackson)

Laura, a deaf tunnel dweller girl, witnesses a murder and chooses to testify at great personal risk.

b: 18-Dec-1987 pc: 011 w: Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa d: Christopher Leitch

First use of a character who is physically impaired in some way
First indication that Vincent is conversant in more than one language
First time Vincent enters Catherine's apartment
First indication that the tunnels stretch beyond Manhattan Island
Joe and Catherine's first confrontation


12. Shades of Gray
gs: Edward Albert (Elliot Burch) James Avery (Winslow) David Greenlee (Mouse)

SYNOPSIS: Vincent and Father are trapped in a cave-in. Catherine must seek help of Elliot Birch
to help free them.

b: 08-Jan-1988 pc: 012 w: George R.R. Martin & David E. Peckinpah d: Thomas J. Wright

NOTE: Reintroduction of Elliot Burch
First indication that Vincent and Catherine's bond is reciprocal
Father's acceptance of Catherine strengthens
Catherine's first use of the word "love" directly to Vincent
First episode of the series with no violence of any kind


13. China Moon
gs: Rosalind Chao (Lin Wong) Vincent Wong (Dr. Wong) Dennis Dun (Henry Pai) James Hong
(Chiang Lo Yi) Jeff Imada (Bruce) Leigh C. Kim (Tommy) Peter Kwong (Peter Chiang)

SYNOPSIS: "Romeo and Juliet" are in Chinatown. An angry Tong invades the tunnels with his army.

b: 15-Jan-1988 pc: 013 w: Cynthia Benjamin d: Christopher Leitch

NOTE: This is a Romeo, and Juliet kind of episode. I love romance. Who wouldn't watching this
Don't miss the new feature! Go to "Cultural Reference" and click on more info to see a pic from this
First invasion of the tunnels by outsiders
First instance of Vincent seeking out and destroying rather than responding to direct assault


14. The Alchemist
gs: Tony Jay (Paracelsus) Joey Aresco (Jimmy Morero) Ellen Greer (Mary) James Avery (Winslow)
Jeffrey R. Nordling (Tyler) John Amos (Sgt. Farrell)

Paracelsus, a former friend of Father's, sells an hallucinatory drug in the world above.

b: 22-Jan-1988 pc: 014 w: Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa s: Richard Setlowe d: Thomas J. Wright

Introduction of first resident Tunnel World villain
First seeds of doubt planted as to Vincent's origin and benefactor
First indication that the tunnels are far more extensive than the Tunnel World community and that
some live Below who are not part of the organized Tunnel World


15. Temptation
gs: Isabella Hofmann (Erika Salven) Milo O'Shea (Evan Brannigan) David Greenlee (Mouse) Herb
Edelman (D.A. Levinson)

SYNOPSIS: Vincent and Catherine prepare gifts for the celebration of the anniversary of the day
they met. Joe is distracted by a beautiful woman named, Erica Salvin.

b: 05-Feb-1988 pc: 015 w: David E. Peckinpah d: Gus Trikonis

Joe's first romantic involvement of the series
Catherine's and Vincent's first anniversary (So the date must be between April 12 and April 22,
Catherine kills her second attacker
First time Catherine bestows a gift on Vincent


16. Promises of Someday
gs: Max Battimo (Young Mitch) Bruce Abbott (Devin Wells) John Franklin (a young Vincent)
Andrew Held (a young Devin)

Vincent's foster brother, who is also Father's son, Devin, returns to the tunnels after a 20 year

b: 12-Feb-1988 pc: 016 w: George R.R. Martin d: Thomas J. Wright
Introduction of Father's son as a major character
First confirmation of more than one romantic interest in Father's life
First view of Vincent during his childhood
First indication that Vincent grew up in a world with and among people who completely accepted


17. Down to a Sunless Sea
gs: Jim Metzler (Steven Parker) Marla Adams (Helen Thompson) Christine Jansen (Marcy O'Neill)
Robert Cornthwaite (Morrison) Eric Poppick (Mercer)

Steven Bass, Catherine's ex-fiancée resurfaces. He has all ready been in a mental institute and is
very strange. Vincent has dreams of disaster connected to Catherine. He warns her but she thinks
that he is paranoid or jealous. When trouble does come to her Vincent is right there.

b: 19-Feb-1988 pc: 017 w: Don Balluck d: Christopher Leitch

First confirmation that Catherine has been in love before meeting Vincent. Probable subtle
indication that Catherine is not a virgin.
First time Vincent rebukes Catherine for her behavior
First time Catherine "slams the door" on Vincent


18. Fever
gs: David Greenlee (Mouse) David Clennon (Cullen) Stan Ivar (Jonathan Thorpe) James Avery

While exploring a section of the tunnels Mouse discovers a treasure ship. Cullen's greed brings

b: 26-Feb-1988 pc: 018 w: Mark Cassutt & Michael Cassutt d: Thomas J. Wright

NOTE: George R.R. Martin, a B&B writer, appears in this episode. He's the man in the diner who
is reading the book "Sandkings" by G. R. R. Martin (so he's reading his own book!) and who is
eating a cheeseburger.
Most critical internal threat to the Tunnel World since the banishment of Paracelsus
We learn here that Edie is out of town caring for a sick aunt. She never appears in the series again.


19. Everything is Everything
gs: Josh Blake (Tony Ramos) Robert Pastorelli (Vick Ramos) Will Kuluva (Milo Ramos) Renata
Vanni (Eva Ramos) Jennifer Balgobin (Maria) Cory Danziger (Kipper) Paul Greco (Joe)

After faking that Catherine hit him young Tony Ramos winds up living with Catherine. She tries to
help him by talking to Vincent. Vincent tries to help as well. But it is Tony who winds up trying to
reverse unjust banishment of his family before a Gypsy court.

b: 04-Mar-1988 pc: 019 w: Virginia Aldridge d: Victor Lobl

NOTE: These are the readings from this episode. "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare,
Act1, Scene 4, lines 100-120. "The Elephant's Child" in "Just So Many Stories" by Rudyard Kipling.
The music at the recital was Beethoven's "Minuet in G"
First time Vincent initiates an embrace with Catherine
We discover that Vincent has the power to calm enraged animals (possibly the first time a feline has
subdued a pair of attack dogs)


20. To Reign in Hell
gs: Tony Jay (Paracelsus) James Avery (Winslow) Beah Richards (Narcissa) Armin Shimerman
(Pascal) Big John Studd (Erlik) Irina Irvine (Jamie)

Paracelsus kidnaps Catherine, which causes Vincent to begin a quest to rescue her.

b: 18-Mar-1988 pc: 020 w: Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa d: Christopher Leitch

Reintroduction of Paracelsus
First indication that Catherine can control the bond which summons Vincent
First death of a Tunnel World citizen


21. Ozymandias
gs: Edward Albert (Elliot Burch) David Greenlee (Mouse) Julie Carmen (Luz Corales) Linda Porter

Construction of the Birch tower is causing many problems in the tunnels. To help the problems stop
Catherine agrees to marry Elliot Birch. This should halt the construction of his tower and also
leave the tunnels as a safe place once again.

b: 01-Apr-1988 pc: 021 w: George R.R. Martin d: Frank Beascoechea

Reintroduction of the Elliot Burch character
Greatest test of Catherine's love for Vincent to date


22. A Happy Life
gs: John McMartin (Charles Chandler) Betsy Brantley (Nancy Tucker) Sam Freed (Dr. Grafton)
Caryn West (Catherine's mother) Richard Young (Buddy)

Catherine's pain about her fragmented life almost causes her to end her relationship with Vincent.

b: 08-Apr-1988 pc: 022 w: Ron Koslow d: Victor Lobl

NOTE: Catherine and Vincent share their first kiss.
Catherine's final struggle with and acceptance of her bond with Vincent
Breakdown of physical acceptance of Vincent by Catherine
Second time Vincent "slams the door in Catherine's face", though ostensibly for her own benefit


Season 2

23. Chamber Music
gs: Terrance Ellis (Rolley (age 18)) Garland Spencer (Rolley (age 11)) Janet MacLachlan (Miss
Kendrick) Shavar Ross (Anthony) Theodore Bikel (Eli)

While walking above one night Vincent spots an ex-tunnel dweller, named Rolley. Catherine and
Vincent try to help him. Rolley is also a piano prodigy or at least he used to be. Now he's a junkie.
Catherine and Vincent attend a concert in the park from below. In the middle of the concert a
rainstorm begins. Vincent tries to cover Catherine with his cape but she pushes it off and allow
herself to get soaked. Vincent watches in amusement. After Catherine is soaking wet she crawls
back over to Vincent and collapses laughingly into his lap.

b: 18-Nov-1988 pc: 025

NOTE: First instance of Vincent and Catherine unable to resolve the conflict of a friend
Catherine's first misuse of her DA credentials


24. Remember Love
gs: Tony Jay (Paracelsus) Irina Irvine (Jamie) Armin Shimerman (Pascal) Nicholas Hormann (Tom

Unable to visit Connecticut with Catherine, Vincent has visions of what life would have been like
without him.

b: 25-Nov-1988 pc: 023

First time Catherine asks Vincent to venture Above with her


25. Ashes, Ashes
gs: Joseph Campanella (Dr. Peter Alcott) Carolyn Finney (Rita Escobar) Kamie Harper (Ellie)
Adrian Paul (Dmitri Benko) Joshua Rudoy (Eric) Tony Maggio (Sammy) Scott Hunter (teacher)

Dimitri, a Russian sailor unknowingly brings the plague

b: 02-Dec-1988 pc: 024

NOTE: First death of a Tunnel citizen from natural causes
First foreign language spoken by Vincent (HSL and AMSL are not spoken in the strict sense)


26. Dead of Winter
gs: Tony Jay (Paracelsus) Joseph Campanella (Dr. Peter Alcott) Beah Richards (Narcissa) Cliff
Rosengren (Lou) Armin Shimerman (Pascal) Kathryn Spitz (Rebecca) Tony Steedman (Sebastian)
Marcie Leeds (Samantha) Anne Haney (Tamara) Ritch Brinkley (William) Philip Waller (Geoffrey)

Winterfest is a celebration of great importance to those who live below. This is Catherine's first
Winterfest. But this year Winterfest is interrupted by Paracelsus.

b: 09-Dec-1988 pc: 027

First indication that the Helper's Network in the tunnels goes back over 30 years-to the time of the
founding of the society.
First sign that Paracelsus has recruited his own band of followers-and that others live Below apart
from the community


27. God Bless the Child
gs: Katy Boyer (Lena) Marcie Leeds (Samantha) Willard E. Pugh (Maurice) Dendrie Taylor (lady)
Lisa Loving (waitress) Ellen Geer (Mary)

Catherine volunteers on a teen help line. While working she receives a call from a young girl who
is pregnant and living on the street. After meeting her Catherine talks to Vincent about her staying
in the tunnels. Vincent talks to father and they agree to meet this woman. She moves into the tunnels
as she awaits the birth of her child. The community tries to hide Vincent from her. She hears many
stories of him, but because of his appearance they shield her from him. When she goes to get water
one day she runs into Vincent. Quickly he pulls up his hood to shield his face. She pulls the hood off
and begins to talk to him. She is not afraid at all. While they are talking she goes into labor.
Vincent carries her to her chamber and alerts Mary and Father. After she has her daughter she sees
Vincent more and more. She begins to fall in love with him. Vincent does not want to be cruel to
her but he tells her that his heart belongs to Catherine. She runs away and leaves the baby. Vincent
goes to Catherine for help finding her. When Catherine finds her she is back to working as a
prostitute. After a lot of talking she convinces her to go back. At the naming ceremony for the baby
she names her daughter after Catherine.

b: 16-Dec-1988 pc: 026

First live birth in the tunnels
First time Catherine is propositioned by a woman
First appearance of the "Information Broker" Maurice


28. Sticks and Stones
gs: Terrylene (Laura Williams) Ed Kelly (Lincoln) Charles Bouvier (Sgt. Greg McQueeney) Ritch
Brinkley (William) Terrylene (Laura) Kathryn Spitz (Rebecca) Ron Marquette (Jerry) Warren
Munson (Willis) Tim Russ (Lt. Eric Parker) Diane Dorsey (woman) Evan James (man)

Laura, a deaf ex-tunnel dweller, falls in with a deaf street gang.

b: 06-Jan-1989 pc: 029 w: Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon d: Bruce Malmuth

NOTE: Laura's second appearance in the series


29. A Fair and Perfect Knight
gs: Bill Calvert (Michael) John-Frederick Jones (Michael's father) Riad (Tina) Stephen Hastings
(panhandler) Marcie Leeds (Samantha) Raymond Lynch (manager) Laurel Moglen (Brooke)
Zachary Rosencrantz (Zach) Cyndi Strittmatter (Beth) Philip Waller (Geoffrey)

Michael leaves to the tunnels to go to college above. Vincent deals with jealousy issues of not being
able to go to college above. Catherine befriends him and helps him settle in. Michael eventually
falls for Catherine and winds up kissing her. Then he is afraid of what Vincent will do when he
finds out about the kiss.

b: 13-Jan-1989 pc: 028

NOTE: Here is a list of the pieces read or used in some manner in the show: Michael's opening
reading: Henry IV, Part I, Act I, Scene I by Shakespeare Samantha's poem: "Piping Down The
Valley's Wild" by William Blake "The Songs of Innocence" by William Blake
Vincent and Catherine confront the negative elements of their relationship and begin to verbalize
and internalize them. Jealousy and insecurity rear their heads in both, and are dealt with to the
best of their abilities.


30. Labyrinths
gs: Jonathan Ward (Brian) Daniel Benzali (Edward) Robert Cornthwaite (old man) Jeff Maynard

Brian, an unhappy young Dungeons and Dragons player, discovers the tunnels.

b: 20-Jan-1989 pc: 030

NOTE: First outsider permitted to leave the tunnels without the status of Helper, bound only by
Catherine's trust.


31. Brothers
gs: Kevin Scannell (Charles) Bruce Abbott (Devin Wells) Don Stark (Eddie) Robert Britton (Bernie)
Ritch Brinkley (William) Richard G. Camphuis (white cop) Remy Ryan (Lauren)

Devin, rescues a man who has elephant man's syndrome from a cruel circus man. The owner leaves
the poor man locked in a cage like an animal. Devin, then brings him below where he knows that
he will be safe.

b: 03-Feb-1989 pc: 031 w: George R.R. Martin d: Beth Hillshafer

NOTE: Devin's first return to the tunnels since his departure in "Promises of Someday."


32. A Gentle Rain
gs: Piper Laurie (Mrs. Davis) Scott Jaeck (Kanin) Elayne Heilveil (Olivia) Ritch Brinkley (William)

Catherine must turn in Kanin. He is a tunnel dweller who is wanted for a past DWI vehicular

b: 17-Feb-1989 pc: 032

NOTE: Catherine's first professional conflict with a Tunnel World citizen


33. The Outsiders

A murderous "family" takes up residence in the tunnels.

b: 24-Feb-1989 pc: 034 w: Michael Berlin & Eric Estrin d: Thomas J. Wright

First time Catherine says "I love you" to Vincent.
Catherine kisses Vincent for the first time.
Beginning of Vincent's psychological slide downwards
First and only time Vincent kills a woman


34. Orphans
gs: John McMartin (Charles Chandler) Abraham Alvarez (Dr. Cherian) Fredric Arnold (Jay
Coolidge) Douglas Roberts (Mark Coolidge) Kate Williamson (Marilyn Campbell) Carolyn Finney
(Rita Escobar)

Catherine's father dies and Vincent allows her to come below to grieve. He also makes her go back
above because he knows that she does not belong there no matter how he feels. Catherine finally
agrees and goes back above.

b: 06-Mar-1989 pc: 033 w: Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon d: Victor Lobl

Catherine's greatest challenge to remain Above
Vincent's greatest challenge to bury his own feelings and do what is best for Catherine
First time Catherine kisses Vincent with any hint of physicality or shared pleasure (though not the
first time she kisses him)


35. Arabesque
gs: Elyssa Davalos (Lisa) Christopher Neame (Collin) Mark Neal (a young Vincent) Kelli Williams
(a young Lisa)

Ballerina, Lisa's return to the tunnels opens up old wounds for Vincent.

b: 13-Mar-1989 pc: 036

NOTE: First indication that Catherine is not the first woman that Vincent has fallen in love with.


36. When the Bluebird Sings
gs: Franc Luz (Kristopher) Severn Darden (Mr. Smythe) Carolyn Finney (Rita Escobar) Beah
Richards (Narcissa) Tory Polone (art student) Terri Hanauer (Jenny Aronson) William De Acutis
(gallery owner)

Catherine meets a strange man who says that he is an artist. His name is Kristopher Gentian. But
when strange things begin to happen it leads both Vincent and Catherine to wonder if the man is
really an artist or a ghost.

b: 31-Mar-1989 pc: 035

NOTE: George R.R. Martin also appeared in this episode. He was in the coffee shop behind
Kristopher; the man who is reading the newspaper.
A pic from this episode can now be found in the "Cultural References" area of the page. Click on
"more info" and you will find this pic. Then to get back to the site you have to hit back.


37. The Watcher
gs: David Neidorf (the Watcher) John Michael Bolger (Greg Hughes) Joseph Carberry (Det.
Greene) Carolyn Finney (Rita Escobar) Terri Hanauer (Jenny Aronson) Charlie Holliday

Catherine is harassed by a peeping tom. The worst part is that this man has seen Vincent!

b: 07-Apr-1989 pc: 037 w: Linda Campanelli & M.M. Shelly Moore d: Victor Lobl

NOTE: Vincent and Catherine's second anniversary (So the date must be April 12, 1988)
Catherine's closest brush with death since "Beast Within"
Joe makes another subtle attempt to gain Catherine's affections in this episode.


38. A Distant Shore
gs: Debra Engle (Gina Barrett) Andrew Bloch (Mel Rae) Tina Andrews (booth woman) Carolyn
Finney (Rita Escobar) Sal Jenco (Richie)

Catherine must travel to L.A. for information about a murder case. Even this far away, Vincent still
has a sense of her. But because she is so far away there is nothing that Vincent can do if she does
encounter danger. On the flight home Catherine remembers special moments with Vincent.

b: 14-Apr-1989 pc: 038 w: Marie Therese Squerciati d: Michael Switzer


39. Trial
gs: Jayne Atkinson (Molly Nolan) Rosemary Dunsmore (Viginia Sheets) Amy Lynne (Amy Nolan)
Scott Marlowe (Richard Nolan) Byron Morrow (Judge Swenson) Bill Marcus (D.A. Moreno)
Michael Holden (Officer Henry Ohlberg) Fritz Bronner (Rob Rand)

Catherine prosecutes a case of fatal child abuse. The wife won't testify against her husband.

b: 21-Apr-1989 pc: 039 w: P.K. Simonds Jr. d: Victor Lobl

NOTE: Don't miss the new feature! Go to "Cultural Reference" and click on more info to see a pic
from this episode.
Catherine's first call to prosecute a case for the department


40. A Kingdom by the Sea
gs: Edward Albert (Elliot Burch) R.G. Armstrong (Stanley Kazmarek) John Michael Bolger (Greg
Hughes) Ken Foree (Morley) Dean Norris (Biggs) Dominic Hoffman (Resident) Carl W. Crudup
(Rivera) Thomas Rosales Jr. (Carlos) Tom Ryan (Bryant) George Tovar (pilot) Scott Wells (Tyler)

Elliot Birch is pursued by a death squad. Catherine puts her own life on the line to help him.

b: 28-Apr-1989 pc: 040

NOTE: Catherine's first revelation of the tunnels to an outsider who is not seeking asylum
Father's first declaration of love for Catherine
Elliot's first view of the tunnels and closest approach to discovering Vincent's identity


41. The Hollow Men
gs: Rhonda Aldrich (Phoebe) Brian Bloom (Cameron Benson) John Michael Bolger (Greg Hughes)
Fritz Bronner (office worker) John Diehl (Vernon) Apollo Dukakis (Judge Hiagnor) Hal England
(Mr. Benson) John Garwood (Mr. Hallowell) Francois Giroday (Warren Brancton) Amanda
Goodwin (Wendy) Barbara Lord (Mrs. Benson) Bill Marcus (D.A. Moreno) Willard E. Pugh

Rich kids kill young prostitutes for fun.

b: 05-May-1989 pc: 041

NOTE: Beginnings of Vincent's psychological destruction
First suspicions by Joe that Catherine is hiding important aspects of her personal life


42. What Rough Beast
gs: Edward Albert (Elliot Burch) Gary Hudson (Gus) Tony Jay (Paracelsus) Peggy Mannix
(waitress) Don Maxwell (Roger) Jim Metzler (Steven Bass) Dan Shor (Bernie Spirko) Sam Vlahos
(Sgt. Jesse Martinez) Joseph Whipp (Bill Edwards)

An insistent reporter sets off Vincent's confrontation with himself.

b: 12-May-1989 pc: 042

NOTE: Episode numbers 42-44 are known collectively as "the Trilogy".
The "And Death Shall Have No Dominion" poem begins being said in this episode.
Vincent's turn to the darker side of his nature begins


43. Ceremony of Innocence
gs: Edward Albert (Elliot Burch) Tony Jay (Paracelsus) Beah Richards (Narcissa) Richard
Roundtree (Cleon Manning)

Paracelsus' lie about Vincent's birth brings Vincent to the verge of madness.

b: 19-May-1989 pc: 043 w: George R.R. Martin d: Gus Trikonis

NOTE: Episode numbers 42-44 are collectively known as "the Trilogy".
The "And Death Shall Have No Dominion" poem is said in this episode.
Revelation of the identity of Vincent's first actual discoverer


44. The Rest is Silence
gs: Ellen Geer (Mary) Armin Shimerman (Pascal) Ritch Brinkley (William) Joseph Campanella
(Dr. Peter Alcott) Jack Forbes (Marc) Marcie Leeds (Samantha) John Mueller (sentry) Zachary
Rosencrantz (Zach)

A stress-aggravated illness triggers Vincent's collapse. Vincent goes far back through the
catacombs of the tunnels to hide in a cave. While in there he continually growls and thrashes about
as if he's gone mad. Catherine goes after him because she says that she can't stand to see him like
that. After all he is the love of her life.

b: 02-Jun-1989 pc: 044 w: David Bennett Carren and J. Larry Carroll d: Victor Lobl

NOTE: Episode numbers 42-44 are collectively known as "the Trilogy".
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Vincent first says "I love you" to Catherine


Season 3

45. Though Lovers Be Lost (1)
gs: Marcie Leeds (Samantha) Richard Roundtree (Cleon Manning)

Catherine finds out while visiting Joe in the hospital that she is pregnant. As she heads to her car
in the parking garage she is kidnapped. Due to Vincent's recent illness he can not sense where she
is. He knows nothing of the child that she carries. The kidnappers lock her in a cell. They want only
the child. They think that if they take the baby they will get Vincent to emerge and that is exactly
what they want. They continue to hold Catherine captive as Vincent frantically searches for her. It
seems completely hopeless without his sense of her. Yet he vows to find her no matter the cost.

b: 12-Dec-1989 pc: 045 w: Ron Koslow and Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon d: Victor Lobl

NOTE: This episode is a part of "The Arc".
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Vincent's and Catherine's relationship is physically consumated (well, sort of!)


46. Though Lovers Be Lost (2)

As the child grows inside of Catherine, Vincent begins to have strange dreams. He doesn't know
what they are at first, but eventually he figures out that they are related to Catherine. He begins to
look for her again. Meanwhile Catherine goes into labor. She tries to hide it by not making any
noise. Eventually her captors figure it out and tie her down in a chair to deliver the baby. Vincent
has entered the building where she is. Now all he has to do is find her. Catherine gives birth to a
little boy. She begs to see him as Vincent frantically searches for her. They refuse to let her see the
baby. They take the child and escape after they have given her a shot of poison that will kill her.
Just as the helicopter takes off Vincent reaches the roof, but he is too late. He still hasn't found
Catherine. Suddenly he turns as he hears her call out to him. He runs to her as she begins to fall.
She tells him that there is a child. He seems surprised, but now he knows that he is a father. As she
lies in his arms dying she begins to recite a poem that they both love. As Vincent says the second
line of the poem she dies. He then finishes the poem and holds her to him as begins to cry for the
love that he once shared with this woman. Knowing that their dream is over that it only lives on in
their child. At least with the baby he could have a piece of Catherine besides what he carried in his
heart that he could never loose. He had to find his son.

b: 12-Dec-1989 pc: 046 w: Ron Koslow and Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon d: Victor Lobl

NOTE: This episode is a part of "The Arc".

Vincent is borne a son
Catherine dies (or does she?) from an overdose of morphine


47. Walk Slowly
gs: Edward Albert (Elliot Burch) Terri Hanauer (Jenny Aronson) Lew Horn (Dr. Marks) Lewis
Smith (Mark)

Vincent takes Catherine from the rooftop back to her apartment. He lays her on her bed. He stays
with her until the morning just watching over her. The D.A. finally finds her body. They begin to
investigate not only who killed her but also who brought her back to her apartment. Vincent begins
the search for his son. Catherine's funeral is also shown. At the funeral you catch glimpses of
people from the tunnels. Diana Bennett is like a private investigator. She begins her investigation
of Catherine's death.

b: 13-Dec-1989 pc: 047

NOTE: The beginning of the show changes.
This episode is a part of "The Arc".

Catherine's funeral
Introduction of major character of Diana Bennett


48. Nevermore
gs: Edward Albert (Elliot Burch) Stephen McHattie (Gabriel) Richard Roundtree (Cleon Manning)
Bill Marcus (D.A. Moreno) Scott Wilkinson (Burton Fitch) Stanley Kamel (George Walker) Patrick
St. Esprit (Arvin Cates)

Elliot Birch, Joe Maxwell, Diana Bennett, and Vincent all lay separate plans to find Catherine's
killer. Vincent reveals himself to Birch.

b: 20-Dec-1989 pc: 048 w: P.K. Simonds Jr. d: Victor Lobl

NOTE: This episode is part of "the Arc".
D.A. Moreno is killed by Vincent
Elliot Burch first meets Vincent
Diana locates the tunnels


49. Snow
gs: Stephen McHattie (Gabriel) Lance Henriksen (Snow) Laurel Moglen (Brooke) Randy Kaplan
(Stephen) Lewis Smith (Mark)

Vincent begins to have nightmares about a bad snowstorm reaching the tunnels. No one wants to
listen because the tunnels are too far below ground to be touched by the weather. Vincent continues
to worry. Finally he figures out that Gabriel has sent a man to try and kill him. The man's name is
Snow. This is what Vincent has seen. Vincent leads Snow into the catacombs to confuse him. Snow
fires and with a lucky shot hits Vincent. But the wound is not fatal. Vincent eventually kills Snow.
He removes the ring from Snow's finger. Gabriel has a matching ring. He carries his body back to
the top of the building where Catherine was killed. As he stands there he holds both arms up in the
air and screams the name of Gabriel into the night.

b: 27-Dec-1989 pc: 049 w: George R.R. Martin d: Gus Trikonis

NOTE: This episode is part of "the Arc".
Diana first enters the tunnels
Diana discovers first evidence of Vincent's home Below
Joe assumes D.A.'s job
Vincent taunts someone he is about to injure for the first time


50. Beggar's Comet
gs: Stephen McHattie (Gabriel) Edward Albert (Elliot Burch) John Michael Bolger (Greg Hughes)
Stanley Kamel (George Walker) Mike Jolly (Pierson) Nick LaTour (Clarence) Joe Lando (thug)
John Lehne (Jonathan Pope) Laurel Moglen (Brooke) Ben Piazza (Richards)

Vincent passes Snow's ring to Burch who then makes an unholy deal with Gabriel.

b: 03-Jan-1990 pc: 050

NOTE: This episode is part of "the Arc".
Elliot Birch betrays Vincent...and dies?
Diana finds Vincent near death at Catherine's grave
Elliot Burch gives his life to save Vincent's
Elliot Burch's final redemption
Gabriel has named the child, but we do not yet know what the chosen name is


51. A Time to Heal
gs: Lewis Smith (Mark) Daniel Faraldo (Jorge) Ellen Geer (Mary) Laurel Moglen (Brooke)

Diana notices things in Catherine's apartment that have Vincent's name on them. She begins to
realize that Vincent was her lover and probably the father of her child. She then decides to go to
where Catherine is buried and wait for Vincent to do the same. One night it works. Vincent is sick
and literally falls on top of Catherine's grave. Diana finds him and carries him back to her
apartment where she nurses him back to health.

b: 10-Jan-1990 pc: 051 w: Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon d: Gus Trikonis

NOTE: This episode is part of "the Arc".
Father meets Joe for the first time
Vincent meets Diana for the first time


52. Chimes at Midnight
gs: Stephen McHattie (Gabriel) Terrance Ellis (Rolley) Tony Plana (Horner) Tom Donaldson
(Nash) Chris Drury (cab driver) Leonard R. Garner Jr. (Carlo) Steven Gilborn (Martin) Rahla
Kahn (woman) Kenneth Kimmins (doctor) John Lehne (Jonathan Pope) June Kyoto Lu (Tenko)
Steve Mittleman (Sonny) Kathryn Spitz (Rebecca) Dustyn Taylor (waitress)

Diana flees from Gabriel's goons. Vincent surrenders himself to Gabriel and is locked in a cage. To
torment Vincent Gabriel begins to show him footage of when he was trying to find Catherine. When
he thinks that Vincent has been tortured enough he changes it to films of Vincent's son. This is the
first time that Vincent has ever seen his son.

b: 17-Jan-1990 pc: 053 d: Ron Perlman

NOTE: This episode is part of "the Arc".
Vincent's acceptance of Diana begins
First sight of Vincent's child


53. Invictus
gs: Stephen McHattie (Gabriel) Kenneth Kimmins (doctor) John Lehne (Jonathan Pope) Tony
Maggio (Sammy) John Michael Bolger (Greg Hughes) Dayton Callie (hitman) Alex Datcher
(Andrea) Richard Feld (janitor) June Kyoto Lu (Tenko)

Vincent breaks free and is barely in time when he burst through the door of the nursery where
Gabriel is getting ready to suffocate the baby. Vincent attacks him and would probably have killed
him if Diana had not burst in and told him to stop. To keep Gabriel away from Vincent and the
baby Diana is forced to shoot him. Vincent then takes the baby and goes below. He names the child
Jacob after Father. During the naming ceremony Catherine is shown behind Vincent as if she is his
guardian angel.

b: 24-Jan-1990 pc: 054

NOTE: The naming ceremony of baby Jacob from episode number 55 was spliced in afterward.
This was the last regularly scheduled episode shown ... and as far as anybody knew at this time, it
was the last episode that would be shown.
The naming ceremony for baby Jacob was excerpted and reedited from "The Reckoning" and
inserted at the end of this episode.
This episode is part of "the Arc".
The scene with the naming ceremony was retooled to tack on the end of this episode because Beauty
and the Beast had been canceled and the last two episodes were not going to be shown.

Vincent's son is named
Diana is apparently becoming a member of the Tunnel World
Gabriel's estate is on Staten Island


54. In the Forests of the Night
gs: Tony Plana (Horner) Stephen McHattie (Gabriel) Terrance Ellis (Rolley) Tony Colitti (Tony)
Keeley Marie Gallagher (Alexandra) Suzie Plakson (Susan) Miguel Sandoval (Jerry)

Rolley is shot while trying to rob a liquor store. He then returns below. Vincent destroys Gabriel's
drug house. Vincent entrusts Snow's ring to Diana.

b: 21-Jul-1990 pc: 052 w: P.K. Simonds Jr. d: Victor Lobl

NOTE: This episode was not shown during the series' regular airing. It was shown the following
summer. As a result of this, the episode has often been shown out of order in syndication.
Although it was reprised in "The Chimes At Midnight" Vincent actually entrusts Snow's ring to
Diana at the end of this episode.
This episode is part of "the Arc".
New tenants have moved into Catherine's apartment
Vincent's first use of unprovoked fatal force
Vincent's first threat of unprovoked retaliation
First suicide of the series

55. The Reckoning
gs: Fionnula Flanagan (Jessica Webb) David Graf (Gregory Coyle) Ellen Geer (Mary) Ritch
Brinkley (William) John Pleshette (Jimmy Faber) Jeff Corey (Winston Burke) Elayne Heilveil
(Olivia) Patrick Malone (Darryl) Vachik Mangassarian (Lewis Windham) Patricia Place
(Deborah) Kathryn Spitz (Rebecca) Terrylene (Laura Williams)

Father recieves a letter from an old flame and goes above to see her. The woman's name was
Jessica. Father even considers staying above permanently. Helpers are being killed by strangers.

b: 28-Jul-1990 pc: 055

NOTE: This episode was part one of two.
The naming ceremony of baby Jacob was originally excerpted and reedited from this episode.
Father's second love affair

56. Legacies
gs: David Graf (Gregory Coyle) Fionnula Flanagan (Jessica Webb) Ellen Geer (Mary) Teddy
Wilson (Raymond Ensign) Laurel Moglen (Brooke) John Pleshette (Jimmy Faber) Delane Vaughn (a
young Raymond) Lauren White (Dr. Nyhart)

The son of a past cave-in victim wants revenge on Father. He tries to bury him alive.

b: 04-Aug-1990 pc: 056

NOTE: This episode is part two of two.
Last episode of the series