Rose Scented Bubble Bath

Catherine loves to please Vincent,
so she asked her good friend Avicenna,
who is an alchemist,
to mix a special liquid,
with Vincent in mind.
And so Avicenna developed a fragranced bubbly potion
from Vincent's favorite flower...The Rose.
The outcome is the recipe below.
It is easy, and can also be put into
decorative containers to give as gifts.
1 cup mild shampoo
(baby shampoo or a mild dish soap)
1/3 cup Glycerin
2 Tablespoons of Water
Essential Rose Oil
Mix together the shampoo
and water
add 10 - 25 drops of essential Rose oil
Pour mixture into a  pretty bottle or jar

Thank you Catherine
for your secret of how to entrance Vincent!
Now if we could only find a Vincent of our own!

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