Our Country has and will prevail, by the sheer strength of its people.
We have been united this week by this horrible tragedy,
a tragedy so terrible
that none of us could have ever imagined
that it would happen here in America.
I say this not out of arrogance,
but rather out of sheer love for this land that I share with all
The terrorists that have done this deed,
and those that supported it,
may have taken something from us Tuesday September 11, 2001, at
8:45, and at 9:03 as their planes hit the World Trade Center in New
York City, the plane that crashed into the Pentagon at 9:43
and then at 10:06 as the plane crashed near Pittsburgh.
But we have gained a unity, and so much strength from this tragedy,
strength that cannot be destroyed or ever stolen from us.
To see people helping people, sacrificing their own welfare, and in
many cases, giving of their lives for their fellow Americans.
And let us not forget our visitors to our country from other countries
who also have lost their lives in this terrible assault,
and remember their friends and families abroad.
I have cried like all of you for the sadness of the loss,
and questioned why this has happened.
It is hard for us to understand that there can be so much hatred,
and meanness in the world.
But America is strong, and so are we the people.
We will prevail, we will fight for freedom,
and we will continue to carry the dream of Liberty in our hearts.
Grieving and Recovery
In New York

Firefighters stand by the casket of
New York Fire Department
Chaplain Rev. Mychal Judge after
his funeral service at St. Francis of
Assisi Church in New York on
Saturday. Judge died while giving
last rites to a fireman in the
aftermath of the collapse of the
World Trade Center towers.