Beauty and the Beast Chamber!
Catherine and Vincent will endure...they will
July 2nd, 2019
Dialogue File
Catherine and Vincent from the opening credits
Beauty and the Beast Credit Pictorial Page
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This site, is my tribute to Catherine and Vincent
For the love they shared, and all they endured,
to truly be together
I fell in  love with their story, the summer of '99.
Yes I am a new fan, but a devoted one.
For me Beauty and the Beast
portrays so many life affirming qualities,
and I just love their story of honor, trust and love.
Ron Perlman's portrayal of Vincent was so moving.
It must have been hard for him to resist overacting,
but he never did.
Ron could portray sooooo much
with his eyes, or a look, and his Vincent voice!
Linda Hamilton was wonderful too.
Her Catherine responded so perfectly to Ron's Vincent.
They definitely had a powerful chemistry.
The entire cast was so endearing to me.
Father, Mary, Joe, Mouse, Pascal, and the others,
were all so wonderful in their roles. I loved them all.
The stories were so well written, but I hate to admit...
that some of the stories left me wanting for a different ending.  
There were so many hopes and dreams
that were left unfulfilled for Catherine and Vincent.
But I guess that is part of their tragedy and their legacy.
Beauty and the Beast had such a magical atmosphere,
that seems to transcend time.
The sets, and the scenery were so breathtaking!
It makes you want to visit there so badly.
And lastly the music.
The music was so beautiful,
and it set a tone and atmosphere
that lives on and on in my heart.  
When ever I hear the opening song
and then Vincent's voice,
it never ceases to affect me.
The Fan following is amazing for this beautiful story,
and I guess I am just one more to be counted
in a long long line of it's devoted fans
Sincerely Sharon   
10 16 2017
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